Conor McGregor urged to destroy 'utter clown' Jake Paul NEXT in 'tune-up' fight to build confidence for UFC return
28th January 2021

CONOR McGREGOR has been urged to put on a demolition job against Jake Paul in a 'tune-up' fight – to help build back his confidence.

McGregor's eagerly anticipated UFC return went up in smoke after he was knocked out by Dustin Porier.

Beforehand, YouTuber Paul pestered the UFC superstar for a fight, claiming he had a $50million purse waiting for him.

But the social media sensation was just as quick to bask in McGregor's defeat, goading him with a retracted $10,000 offer.

Joe Duffy, the first man to beat McGregor in 2010, argues Paul is the closest thing the Irishman will get to an easy knock over.

The retired UFC lightweight reckons his former opponent should try and silence the millionaire vlogger before making some noise in the octagon.

Duffy told SunSport: "Going away from MMA, even Jake Paul is ring time.

"He could go in, destroy this guy, a complete and utter clown, go in and make a millions.

"He could come back, have ring time and go and tee off on someone in the UFC.

"It's not a bad shout, it's the easiest money and the closest to a tune-up fight that he's going to get so that makes the most sense in terms of his career.

"He can get comfortable in just competing, I know it's not the octagon but he can come back to that, it makes a bit more sense in my head."

Paul's pursuit of McGregor – who lost his boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather in 2017 – has so far been greeted with contempt.

The 2-0 internet sensation was barely acknowledged by the former two-weight UFC champion, but was described as 'a confused little kid'.

Paul, 24, has instead moved on and announced he will fight ex-UFC welterweight Ben Askren, 36, on April 17.

Meanwhile McGregor, 32, is left with a rebuilding job having lost for the third time in the octagon.

The questions posed now are the same as when he was beaten for the first time in the UFC by Nate Diaz in March 2016.

McGregor responded emphatically, avenging defeat five months later to redeem himself, even closing out the year by winning the lightweight title.


It salvaged his reputation and his ability to come back from adversity even enhanced his marketability.

But, a loss to Poirier in an immediate rematch, which would be the decider in their trilogy, would be catastrophic for McGregor's road back to supremacy.

Duffy, 32, said: "I think that's the reality, as harsh as it is.

"I do feel like he needs a good fight and he needs a win if he wants to carry on his career at the top in MMA.

"I think to a degree it kind of is like that, Dustin's had so many fights and came back, same with the likes of Michael Bisping.

"But it all depends on how Conor bounces back now, because his stock is so high it changes the game."

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