Bernie Ecclestone, 91, opens up on being dad to son Ace, 1, and says gun arrest came after he jokingly detained worker | The Sun
26th June 2022

FORMER Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone has opened up on life as a 91-year-old dad.

The British tycoon became a father for the fourth time in July 2020 after wife Fabiana Flosi gave birth to son Ace in just a 25-minute labour.

Ecclestone, whose eldest child Deborah is 67, has been married to Fabiana, 46, since 2012.

Ace is their only child together – and Ecclestone's only son – with Deborah born to first wife Ivy Bamford, while daughters Tamara and Petra were born to Slavica Radic.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, proud Ecclestone told how his young child – who turns two next month – loves being by the pond in his Ibiza villa and has already swam a width of his outdoor pool.

Admiring the fish, Bernie said "Ace likes feeding them by hand".


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He laughed about his son's hobbies, joking: "He likes pretty much anything."

Ecclestone also lifted the lid on his arrest in Brazil last month for carrying a gun as he boarded a private jet to Switzerland.

He was fined £1,000 for accidentally packing the unloaded Seecamp 32 pistol after it was found in the pocket of one of his shirts.

The ex-F1 chief said: "I got it a few years ago from someone in Formula One and we thought it might be a good idea for Fabiana to have it in her handbag in case of a robbery to scare someone off.

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"I actually don't think it would have been much use. The sort of people who might want to rob us may have had guns a lot bigger than this little thing."

Ecclestone revealed he only had the gun in his luggage after jokingly pretending to detain one of his employees.

He remarked: "I was mucking about with the gun at home. I was pretending to arrest somebody, one of the guys who rides the horses.

"I put it into my shirt pocket and took the shirt off. I left my things on the bed to be packed and in it went. I never used it, or carried it. It had no bullets. 

"They scanned the luggage then called me to look through the suitcase — they said they couldn't open it until I got there — and we spent ages trying to find it. Eventually I found it."

Ecclestone then went on to say that Mercedes' tactics at the 2021 Abu Dhabi cost Lewis Hamilton a record eighth world championship.

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