Belgium stop play on 10 minutes against Denmark for Eriksen
18th June 2021

Belgium players stop play on 10 minutes against Denmark as stadium joins together in a minute of applause for recovering star Christian Eriksen in first game since Danish playmaker suffered cardiac arrest on the pitch

  • Denmark played their first match since the collapse of Christian Eriksen 
  • The playmaker fell to the turf during the Euro 2020 opener with Finland 
  • Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest and needed a defibrillator on the pitch 
  • Belgium acknowledged Eriksen and chose minute 10 in line with his shirt number
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Belgium players stopped play as the clock reached the 10th minute against Denmark in their Euro 2020 group B match to acknowledge Christian Eriksen.

The midfielder remains in hospital where he is recovering after suffering a terrifying cardiac arrest in Denmark’s opening match of the European Championships against Finland.

The 29-year-old fell to the turf as the match reached the half-time interval and needed emergency medical assistance.

Team-mates formed a protective shield around Eriksen and the medics in order to keep the unfolding scenes from the live broadcast cameras, while a defibrilator was used to shock Eriksen’s heart back into functioning order.

Now, Belgium’s players have decided to do their bit to show Eriksen the footballing world is with him, by kicking the ball out of play and getting the full stadium in Copenhagen to unite in a round of applause. 

Play was stopped in the 10th minute of the match as Belgium put the ball out to start applause

The entire Copenhagen stadium applauded as one to show support for Christian Eriksen

The referee (right) also joined in with the players, as the game halted with Denmark in the lead

Belgian star striker Romelu Lukaku, who plays with Eriksen at Inter Milan, looked emotional

A huge shirt was unveiled prior to the match which had Christian Eriksen’s name and number

Prior to the match, a huge effort was made to rally behind Eriksen and wish him well.

A large shirt was unveiled in the Copenhagen stadium, bearing Eriksen’s name and number.

In the stand, Belgium fans could be seen holding banners with personalised messages on for Eriksen, while others wore white t-shirts containing the words: ‘Get well soon Chris!’

Belgium fans made a huge effort to show their support for the Danish international midfielder

Shirts were spotted in the stands, paying tribute to Eriksen and wishing him a swift recovery

Banners in the stadium also nodded to Eriksen and let him know football was supporting him

This week, the doctor who helped bring Eriksen back to life revealed what the Danish star said in the moments after he regained consciousness.

German doctor Jens Kleinefeld was one of the first people on the scene at the Parken Stadium and helped deliver an electric shock that restarted the 29-year-old’s heart. 

He’s since revealed what Eriksen said in the moments after he regained consciousness.

Kleinefeld told Fox Sports: ‘About 30 seconds later, the player opened his eyes and I could talk to him directly.

‘That was a very moving moment, because in such medical emergencies in everyday life, the chances of success are much lower.’

The Danish star suffered a cardiac arrest during Denmark’s Euro 2020 game with Finland

Eriksen gave fans a thumbs up on Instagram this week from hospital after his cardiac arrest

Eriksen said: ‘I’m fine – under the circumstances and still have to go through some examinations at the hospital, but I feel okay’ and he is continuing to be examined in hospital

Kleinefeld revealed he then asked Eriksen: ‘Well, are you back with us?’ and Eriksen replied: ‘Yes, I am back with you. For f***s sake, I’m only 29 years old.’ 

Danish national team doctor Morten Boesen announced on Thursday morning that Eriksen will be given an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) to regulate his heart’s rhythm.

A statement read: ‘After Christian has been through different heart examinations it has been decided that he should have an ICD. 

‘This device is necessary after a cardiac attack due to rhythm disturbances.

‘Christian has accepted the solution and the plan has moreover been confirmed by specialists nationally and internationally who all recommend the same treatment.

‘We encourage everybody to give Christian and his family peace and privacy the following time’. 

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