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28th April 2023

BBC SPORT host Emma Louise Jones shared a clip of her visit to Leicester City's training ground, filmed just moments before she suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

The latest clip shared to her Instagram story teased a segment of a video shoot with Leicester stars Wout Faes and Harry Souttar for MOTDx.

In the teaser, the Leicester defenders played a game of 'red card yellow card', with them needing to show a colour card to represent their opinion.

Emma asked the duo their thoughts on coriander, with Faes putting a yellow card up.

But Souttar hilariously admitted he did not know what coriander was – leaving Faes in stitches – though Emma was on hand to explain.

Earlier this month Emma shared an awkward story where she revealed her jumpsuit had ripped immediately after the shoot.


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In the clip, she explained how she had just concluded her visit at the Foxes training ground, with disaster striking moments later as she made her way back to her car.

She said: "I’ve just finished a shoot at Leicester City’s training ground and my bloody jumpsuit’s broken.

“No word of a lie, from the top all the way down. I’ve had to walk through the training ground all the way to my car clinging on for dear life.

“And, I wouldn’t mind, but it’s the first bloody time that I’ve worn it. I’ll be sending that right back thank you very much New Look. And me left hand is in absolute agony from clinging on so hard.

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"Also, I’ve now got to get home without making any service stops because I can’t be flashing in any services can I? I’ve had a nightmare here."

After a little while, Emma added: "Right, I’m feeling a little more optimistic about my journey home. 

“The only thing that is bringing me a little bit of anxiety is if a lorry or a bus or something drives past me or pulls up next to me, will they be able to see right the way in as I’m exposed below the belly button.

“So, if you drive something big or tall, can you let me know how much you can see in so I know please.

“Do you ever feel like things just happen to you as I feel like things just happen to me.

"It was always going to be me whose jumpsuit broke the first time I wore it at Leicester City’s training ground.

“I should really learn from this to take a second outfit, which I should do anyway as I spill stuff down myself all the time.

“So that’s the take away from this – in the future I will pack a second outfit.”

Emma, who has admitted her breasts are so big they BEEP her car horn, then kept her 387,000 followers updated after taking in some advice some received.

Holding an orange Sainsbury’s bag over her chest, she said: “Shootout to the people in my DMs suggesting that I put a bag there.

“I had my lunch in this. You’d never know would ya? Look at that. I’m free again. This is liberating.”

The BBC presenter, 30, has amassed an army of fans for her work on Leeds TV since 2017.

She shot onto the national scene during England's 2018 World Cup warm-up clash against Costa Rica.

The Cheshire native, who now works for MOTDx and Premier Sports, began her broadcasting career in local radio but is now a star on the big screen

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