Arsenal's 'hippy crack' shame leaves Piers Morgan 'disappointed' with senior players
8th December 2018

The controversial Gunners fan, 53, appeared on Robbie Savage's BT Sports programme this morning to air his views.

As exclusively revealed by The Sun, Arsenal players including Mesut Ozil and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang were caught inhaling "hippy crack" from balloons at a private party in August, leading some to pass out.

Martin Keown suggested boss Unai Emery may come down hardest on Matteo Guendouzi but Morgan did not think the youngster was to blame.

Morgan said: "The fact it happened, they should not be doing that. They should not be encouraging Guendouzi.

"They weren't breaking the law and doing what young people do.

"Put the balloons away and try and get the Ballon d'Or, they're not going to do that sucking on nitrous oxide balloons."

After touching upon Keown's comments, the Good Morning Britain co-host added: "I'm disappointing by senior players. I'm disappointed by Alexandre Lacazette and Aubameyang.

"It's not a good look but since then they have gone 20 games unbeaten and close to breaking all-time record."

Arsenal welcome Huddersfield to the Emirates this afternoon and all eyes will be on the line-ups to see if Ozil returns after missing the last four matches.

Morgan has defended the German over many years for his undoubted technical ability but admitted he would rather have Raheem Sterling over Ozil at the moment.

He said: "I hate to admit this but right now I would take Sterling over Ozil any day. That's more to do with Sterling's commitment and remarkable improvement under Pep Guardiola.

"Sterling is a great player – the difference between them is he turns up every game. I still think on his day Ozil is a world-class footballer and the most-naturally gifted player we have.

"However, he too often disappears and I've never heard anyone have as many sick days as Mesut Ozil. There's something wrong with his heart – not physically, not medically – there is something wrong with him that doesn't get him going enough to be consistent.

"If Ozil wants to play for this arsenal team he has to turn up every game.

"Look at the old Invincibles team – you saw guys who never stopped, every game. The passion, the drive and commitment was there. I see that with Raheem Sterling but I don't see it with Mesut Ozil.

"He won't get a more driven manager than Unai Emery. If you can't rise to the level that Emery wants to every game then go and play somewhere else, I don't care how good you are.

"We need every player on the pitch to be utterly committed, we need to be back in the top four and the Champions League."

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