Arsenal set to go ahead with plans for mid-season break in Dubai despite political unease in the Middle East – The Sun
15th January 2020

ARSENAL are pressing ahead with plans for a mid-season break in Dubai despite the political unease in the Middle East.

Manchester United have scrapped a planned trip to Qatar because of increased security fears in the region due to Iran and the USA standing on the brink of war.

But Gunners boss Mikel Arteta is still hoping to get the all-clear for next month’s sunshine break.

He confirmed: “We have talked about different options in this mid-season break to go away from here and live together in a different environment with better weather conditions.

“We still have a few things to look at from a club perspective and the security decision will be the priority.

“If we are advised by the people making those decisions that’s not safe, we won’t be going anywhere.”

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