Arsenal fans notice that Emery has a better record than lauded Man United boss Solskjaer after their first 19 games in charge
18th March 2019

ARSENAL fans have noticed Unai Emery has a better record after 19 games than current Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Since Solskjaer replaced Jose Mourinho in the Old Trafford hotseat in December, the United legend has received nothing but praise.

The caretaker boss has guided United from sixth to fourth, losing only one game in the league – against Emery’s United.

However, fans on Reddit noticed Emery has a better record in his first 19 games compared to the lauded United boss Solskjaer.

Emery won 13 drawn four and lost twice – against champions Man City and Chelsea.

While Solskjaer won 14, drew twice and lost three – with defeats against Arsenal, PSG and Wolves in the FA Cup.

Fans were quick to comment how Emery has not received the same praise the United boss has been given.

One said: “This applies to our own fans. Crazy how much abuse has been thrown Emery’s way this season.”

Another said: “Absolute joke. Points aside, the fact we go into any game against the top 6 knowing we've a good chance of beating them should be enough to earn the respect of the fans, something we haven't had in years.”

However, some were also keen to point out that Emery had a full pre-season to work with his side.

While Solskjaer had to come in and work with a broken side – while playing in the Champions League, compared to Arsenal’s Europa League campaign.

One said: “Also, Emery took over Arsenal during the summer, had a pre season to get to know the team, sign a few players, etc.

“OGS took over after they fired Mourinho mid season, their situation in the league looking hopeless, facing a very tough CL tie.”

Another said: “Solskjaer didn't have managerial experience at the same level as Emery, and was a caretaker appointment (I think he still is).”

One commented: “It's because United were so dire and lifeless under Mourinho. Ole came and picked up the pieces and turned it around very quickly.”

Another commented: “Emery has done quite a decent job given the condition of the team when he took over and both the media and the fans have not been fair to him.

“But to be fair to Solskjaer he took charge mid season and had little time to prepare himself and the team as per his own ideas.

“He has done a wonderful job as well despite the recent defeats. I don't think it's fair to compare the two other than the fact that both have done a more than decent job so far.”

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