Andy Goldstein told ‘get in the bin’ naming ‘Britain’s greatest ever sportsman’
16th September 2023

TalkSPORT's Andy Goldstein has caused an almighty stir on social media after naming darts legend Phil Taylor as "Britain's greatest ever sportsperson".

Explaining his controversial choice to co-host and ex-England footballer Darren Bent, Goldstein declared that anyone capable of winning 16 world championships, as Taylor has done, deserves to be heralded as the best ever.

"He's won the world championships 16 times. He's the greatest ever British sportsperson. For anyone who's won 16 anythings, that's an incredible achievement," he said. "I know people will phone up and go [darts] isn't a sport, well it is a sport, so forget that argument."

Bent hit back, suggesting that the greatest ever sportsperson ought to be an actual athlete, but Goldstein replied saying: "You don't need to [be an athlete], it maybe helps. But 16 world titles, that's … (starts clapping)."

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Fans swarmed to the comments section of the uploaded clip, many of whom argued that darts shouldn't really be classified as a sport.

"I mean, when you've got a belly the size of a bean bag chair it really does seem silly describing yourself as 'the greatest sportsperson in the country's history'," one X user wrote.

Another said: "There's barely any physical exertion in darts. It's all about skill and technique. Yes it's technically classed as a sport, but it's a game. Come on now."

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Some outright rejected Goldstein's choice, with one person uploading a photo of The Power and writing: "'Sportsperson'. Pop yourself in the bin."

Another, who posted a similar photo, sarcastically wrote: "Elite athlete. Andy Murray and Steve Redgrave must have asked him for nutrition tips."

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There were however some who defended Goldstein's pick, with one user writing: "Phil Taylor might not be an athlete but he had the mental strength to stay at the top of his sport for 30 years and in that time won 85 major title."

Others, meanwhile, suggested the likes of David Beckham, Joe Calzaghe, Bobby Moore, Tyson Fury, Chris Hoy, Ian Botham and Ronnie O'Sullivan deserved the crown.

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