Alexa Bliss eviscerates body shamer: ‘How f–king dare you’
16th July 2021

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Alexa Bliss fired back after a Twitter user posted old photos of her backside in an attempt to body shame the five-time WWE champion.

The photos in question, according to multiple outlets, show Bliss in WWE’s developmental show NXT. The critic who allegedly shared the images compared them to Bliss’ present-day appearance.

“Remember last week when all of you Alexa Bliss MARY Sues said that this was just a blur effect and Alexa’s a– was back?,” the Twitter troll apparently wrote alongside the images.

“Well take a look at NXT Bliss and WWE Bliss and then at the edited photo Alexa posted and then the picture she posted today and try to say that again.”

Bliss somehow came across the lewd remarks and went off in a fiery reply tweet, according to reports.

“#1. how F’Ing DARE you try to body shame me. #2. All pics except last one are very old. #3 I haven’t been able to control my weight loss lately since being sick a few months ago. #4 all u have to say about my career since 2013 is pics of my butt? I pity u,” Bliss wrote.

Bliss has been candid about her past with plastic surgery, mental illness, and eating disorders. In 2017, she previously opened up about her battle with anorexia in an exclusive interview with The Post’s Joseph Staszewski.

“I went through treatment so many times,” she recalled. “At one point I was in rounds of five different doctors a day. That was my deal to be able to get out of the hospital, which was I had to see five different doctors every day. I literally spent every day at the doctors. I remember, you have to get better when you want to get better,” she continued.

“I’d have psychologists and physiatrists telling me ways to try to get better. It is something you have to try to do on your own.”

The outspoken WWE star recently made headlines after the tragic death of her pet pig,  Larry-Steve.

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