You’ve been cooking omelettes wrong – foodie’s clever hack means no flipping
29th October 2023
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    Omelettes are deceptively difficult to get right.

    The egg dish can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And it has endless topping options – including onions, cherry tomatoes, bacon, grated cheese and herbs.

    But unfortunately, omelettes can easily disintegrate when you try to flip them. Meanwhile, other pitfalls include ingredients falling out and eggs that aren't fully cooked through.

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    On Reddit, an exasperated home cook asked: "How to flip and omelette without breaking it? I don’t like my omelettes to be runny on the inside and when I try to flip it, I can’t get the whole omelette to fit on my spatula and it breaks apart when I flip it.

    "Should I be using a smaller pan or using more butter or cooking the omelette longer? I let it cook for a few minutes on medium heat before flipping."

    Thankfully, dozens of foodies were on hand with some clever solutions. And one hack sprang up time and time again.

    If you struggle to make omelettes without breaking them, you should try using a lid. By placing one over your pan, the eggs will steam nicely.

    You won't need to flip the omelette either. When you're done, simply slide it onto a plate and enjoy.

    A commenter said: "I combine the eggs, spices/seasonings/herbs, pre-cooked filling, etc in a bowl, pour all of it into the pan and then just cover it with cheese, put the lid on the pan and then leave it alone until it's done.

    "Lid traps the heat, the top cooks and the cheese melts and then you can just slide it onto the plate."

    Another recommended: "Just throw a lid on the sucker and the top will steam cook." And a third added: "I don’t flip it – I just fold it and put a lid on it".

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