You've been applying for your car insurance ALL wrong – simple tweak could save you hundreds of pounds
8th March 2022

CAR insurance premiums are on the up but there's a simple switch you can make that could reduce your bill.

Motorists can be charged extra depending on their job title, but a tweak could cut money off your quote.

Drivers with professions that are deemed to be more of a risk by insurers, such as fast food delivery drivers, often face higher bills.

But others such as retirees and occupational therapists, are charged the least.

That means that tweaking your job title on your car insurance forms can save you money.

But remember, you can't lie so make sure it is still an accurate description of your job.

If you give incorrect information it could invalidate any future claims.

We explain how you can cut your car insurance premiums.

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The research found that fast food delivery drivers are charged £1,369 a year on average.

In comparison, couriers pay £908 and delivery couriers £890, but these titles could all describe the same job.

That means you could save up to £479 a year with a simple job title tweak.

The research also found that scientists are charged £483 on average but research scientists pay £469 – a difference of £14.

Go Compare car insurance expert Ryan Fulthorpe said: “If you are getting a quote for your car insurance, it is worth looking at the wording of your job title to see if you can save money on your premiums.

"Obviously, any changes would have to be within reason – for example, if you stated that your profession is “retired” but you’re actually a fast food delivery driver, that would be materially very different and could invalidate any future claims you need to make on that policy."

But for example, if you changed your job title from “chef” to “caterer” or from “journalist” to “writer”, then these would be acceptable ways to describe your profession without breaking any rules.

It's not just your job title that will impact your premium though, as car insurers take lots of information into account.

For example, you have to specify what you use your car for including for social use only, for commuting, or business.

Those who drive to work or at work are likely to spend more time on the road at peak times are charged more.

That's because insurers think they're more likely to have an accident.

But if you don't select the correct type, you won't be covered if you need to make a claim.

Which are the occupations have the highest average car insurance premiums?

  • Fast food delivery driver – £1,369.27
  • Taxi driver – £1,010.14
  • Librarian – £949.08
  • Shopkeeper – £919.03
  • Courier – £908.88
  • Computer operator – £908.02
  • Picker – £893.54
  • Cafe owner – £893.29
  • Delivery courier – £890.83
  • Barber – £878.64

Which jobs have the cheapest car insurance premiums?

  • Retired – £395.18
  • Occupational therapist – £460.09
  • Research scientist – £469.72
  • Credit controller – £477.89
  • Local Government Officer – £482.79
  • Clerical Officer – £483.34
  • Scientist – £486.81
  • College lecturer – £487.98
  • Quality engineer – £489.66
  • Nursery worker – £490.63

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