Your First Tarot Card Reading of the Month Is Right Here
3rd May 2021

You don’t need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross spread to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: your Sun sign! Here’s what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces plus one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice around your personality. Let’s go!


The High Priestess brings peace, reflection, serenity, and wisdom into our world this week. (Welcome, please stay a while, Ms. P!) What this means for us is that it’s a time to be quiet, relax, prioritize contemplation and meditation, and set aside time to think. Make time this week for long walks in nature and mindful activities like journaling or meditation. There’s insight inside each of us waiting to emerge! Our collective subconscious has news that’s worth hearing, it just needs a bit of peace and quiet in order to be heard.


When did you last sit down and think about your long-term plans? The Nine of Coins is a prompt that this would be a good time to do so, and I’m talking 2, 5, 10 years ahead. This should be a joyful and optimistic exercise. You’re painting a vision of what life might be like if you work towards an inspiring goal. This isn’t about ~more of the same~, but about creating a compelling ambition to work for. Dream big, Aries.


You’ve been hard at work, Taurus! And after putting those hours in at the office, you’re feeling a bit tired and grumpy. No wonder! Time to twist the work/life balance dial firmly back to “life”! The Ten of Wands shows up when we need a reminder to prioritize ourselves and our wellbeing over the things we do for others. You need some quality relaxation time, bb, which I know is music to your ears. Go chill. Everything—and everyone—else can wait.


Someone has been admiring your work, Gem, and they’re about to make you a fantastic offer. The Three of Coins reveals that your efforts have been noticed, and your talents are being appreciated. You never know who’s watching, right? Well, this time it’s someone with influence, and they’re in a position to give you a leg up. Make sure you’re visible to the right people this week. Something big is coming.


Sometimes you’ve just got to recognize that you’re getting your own way. A old habit or pattern is starting to play out again, and it’s because you’re afraid of something ~out there~. This habit is acting like a barrier to stop you facing this fear head on. Basically, it’s mental gymnastics of the highest order, and it’s exhausting. Spot the pattern, resolve to overcome it, do exactly that this week. You can do this, Cancer.


Don’t give up, Leo! This is the darkness before the dawn. You’ve worked long and hard for something, but it still feels out of reach. Please believe me when I say you’re closer to the finish line than you realize, and you just need sheer determination to reach the end. Just keep going. You can do this, it’s worth it, and when it’s done you can rest, relax, and celebrate to your heart’s content.


Get busy getting busy this week, Virgo! The Queen of Wands brings hustling and bustling energy into your world, so ride those waves and get ahead. Take some chances, make a bold move, and be risk-positive. Take a chance! It’s time to throw off your more cautious traits and play to win, because there are big prizes to be had right now.


Communication is your theme of the week, so get ready for news, gossip, info, invites, and opportunity. You’re at the center of a massive network of fleeting, positive opportunities, so be on alert and do NOT procrastinate. Just say “yes” to everything—you can always filter through it all later. Now is the time to be active and ready to react1


Hello Cupid, I hear you have a new admirer for the single Scorpios out there, and a ~passionate~ time with their cutie for the attached ones. The Ace of Cups brings romance, love, and passion into your world with a bang! (Wink.) Something big is happening in your love life, and it’s the kind of happily-ever-afters are made of. Cupid is pulling the strings for you right now, so make time for romance. This could be AH-mazing.

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You’ve been struggling to fix something, ignoring others’ pleas to give up, because you really thought you could make it better. And it just hasn’t happened. Sag, it’s time to cut your losses and get out of this toxic situation, or you’re just going to get dragged down further. The Ten of Swords is a brutal and direct order to stop doing what you’re doing and move on. You’ve done your best. This is a dead end.


You take competition seriously and personally, and you hate to lose. Well, get ready for an intense week ahead Cap, because the Seven of Wands shows that others are jealous of your position or assets. Healthy competition isn’t a bad thing—it reminds you to appreciate what you’ve achieved, and to keep sharpening your edge. You know how to prove yourself, and you also know your worth. Show them.


You’re stuck in a sticky situation, but you hold more power than you know, Aquarius. In fact, you’re the one who can make a difference here. The Two of Swords reveals that you’ve been reluctant to face something head-on, and you’ve hoped that life would somehow take care of it. That is not happening, and you need to act. Take a deep breath, make a choice, and do it. Simple. It can all be in your rear-view mirror by this time next week.


Blessings, good luck, joy, and wishes-come-true are coming your way this week, Pisces! Prepare to be amazed by everything life brings you in the next seven days. The Star is a ~cosmic pass~ to get what you want, if you just aim true and are open about your goals. Pursue your most heartfelt passions this week and trust that the universe is backing you up all the way.

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