Young mum returns home to find family dog stabbed to death in her own kitchen
1st January 2019

A horrified young mum returned home to find her family dog stabbed to death in her own kitchen.

Sophie Davison, 21, had left her home at around midday on Saturday, before returning just before 6pm to feed Pippin, her 11-year-old Yorkshire Terrier.

As she walked into her home in Sunderland, Sophie’s other dog, a Boxer Bull Mastiff called Tia, rushed to her feet, but Pippin was nowhere to be seen.

Concerned Sophie then began searching her home calling for Pippin, before finding her lifeless body laying on the kitchen floor with stab wounds to his neck.

Sickeningly, there was also blood smeared on the walls and floor, reports the Chronicle Live.

Brave Sophie has spoken out about her harrowing ordeal in a desperate bid to bring the killer to justice

The single mum said: "He was lying on the floor in blood. I went over and touched him and he was freezing.

"There was blood on the walls and the kitchen floor.

"I just broke down knowing someone has come into my home and killed my defenseless dog.

I just froze and had to ring my mum to come over and check I wasn’t overthinking it."

Sophie described Pippin as the "perfect pet", adding: "Pippin was the healthiest and most friendly dog. He loved our family and would never harm anyone."

The mum-of-one has only lived in the street for around three months, but said she no longer feels safe in her own home.

Sophie added: "I don’t know any of my neighbours and don’t have any bother with anyone.

“Tia is scared to go outside.

“I’m looking to move. The killer has been in my property and could do it again."

Sophie’s sister Viki has made a Facebook appeal in a bid to track down the twisted killer.

Northumbria Police confirmed an investigation into Pippin’s stabbing is under way.

Anyone with information is urged to contact 101, quoting reference number 896 29/12/18.

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