You'll NEVER spot the deer in these photos as it blends into the cliff
11th April 2023

You’ll NEVER spot the deer in these photos: Beast blends so perfectly with the cliffs it’s impossible to see

  • Photographer Roan du Plessis, 26, snapped the deer hiding in the Ngala Private Game reserve in Nigeria
  • The klipspringer deer’s are perfectly camouflaged in the rocky mountains, making them tricky to find
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Can you spot the deer perfectly camouflaged in its rocky surroundings in the mountain ranges of western Africa? 

At first glance, these pictures seem like nothing more than snaps of rocky cliffs, however, when you take a closer look you will find that there is more to them than meets the eye.

Hidden amongst the rocky mountains, lush green leaves or African landscapes are nature’s masters of disguise, two klipspringer deer cleverly camouflaged against their surroundings.

The sneaky pair, who are a type of antelope, use their clever camouflage to keep onlookers guessing, as they invite you to play a real-life version of the game ‘Where’s Wally’. 

Photographer Roan du Plessis, 26, took these impressive images while guiding a safari at Ngala Private Game reserve, Nigeria, with American guests. 

Can you spot the deer in the pictures below?

If you look extremely carefully you might just spot a deer in this rocky scene, captured by 26-year-old photographer Roan du Plessis

The creature is almost impossible to spot as its colourings help it to blend in into the mountain’s rocks – did you spot it?

The dry and rocky cliffs of western Africa offer the perfect camouflage for the small antelope with its brown coat

Roan, who is originally from Johannesburg said: ‘One of my guests actually spotted them first and exclaimed “What’s that?”‘

The dwarf antelope is typically found among rock formations in Africa called kopjes as they offer an excellent vantage point and shelter.

However, they can also thrive in riverbeds, rocky hills or outcrops, and even mountains as high as 13,000 feet. 

The klipspringer is a small yet sturdy mammal and can reach around two feet at the shoulder and weighs from 8 to 18 kilograms.

Their coats, made of hollow, brittle hairs, range in colour from grey, reddish-brown, and yellow, and act as an effective camouflage in their rocky habitat.

The deer’s most commonly notable characteristic is its tiny hooves, which help them to jump onto a spot the size of an Oreo cookie due to its  suction-cup effect.

Luckily for photographer Roan, klipspringers can be found out and about during the early morning and late afternoon hours as they feast on leaves, blossoms, fruit, and lichen.

They are often found in pairs and communicate with one another using whistles when alarmed and use scent to communicate with outsiders – klipspringers can be spotted standing still for long periods as they watch out for predators.  

Revealed: Did you find them circled below?

The klipspringer is circled in yellow as it stands proud on the cliff edge – did you spot the mammal hidden in this photo? 

A closer view of the deer captures it in action as it scales the cliff using its small yet effective hooves which have a suction cup-like function 

The klipspringer is a small yet sturdy mammal and can reach around two feet at the shoulder, making them even more tricky to spot among their surroundings

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