You Can Now Buy an Island Full of Penguins — and You Name the Price!
20th December 2018

Cement your retirement plans right now!

According to BBC, one of the South Atlantic’s Falkland Islands is for sale. Pebble Island is home to sea lions, lots of sheep, quite a few cattle and five species of penguins.

Pebble Island is being put on the market by Sam Harris of Pembrokeshire, Wales. The land has been in Harris’ family for 150 years, but has become “too hard to manage.”

Along with the animals, the 20-mile-long island is also home to a mini mountain range, lakes, a beach, a wind turbine and solar panels. There is also the opportunity to make some of your money back thanks to the tourism generated by Pebble Island’s lodges and military history.

Speaking of money, Harris does not have a set price tag in mind for the land, but he would prefer if the buyer had an interest in farming.

“It’s got great potential with tourism because there’s a big army base there, but there are also a lot of animals on the island, some which need to be looked after,” he told the BBC. “The island produces a lot of wool, much of which goes to the U.K., so a farming background would be helpful.”

According to Harris, an estate agency wasn’t able to value the island since it has been owned by Harris’ ancestors for so long.

Harris’ relative John Markham Dean bought the island in 1869 for around $505. Travel + Leisure estimated the $505 price tag would be equivalent to $9,358.76 today.

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