Yellowpop Delivers Neon Nostalgia
24th March 2021

The 1920s to the 1960s were the golden age of neon, dominating the signage industry and brightening businesses with its luminous glow. And yet, while this era may have come and gone, this type of lighting is still prevalent in today’s signage, praised it for its attention-grabbing glow and ability to be curved into letters or figures.

Yellowpop neon sign 

Jeremy Cortial and Ruben Grigri, founders of neon sign brand Yellowpop, both recognize the power neon lighting holds in transforming a room. The duo moved into the home and decor space after selling their coffee app, Drip, having held previous stints in property renovation, interior design and hospitality.

Their signs are made of high-quality neon flex from PVC piping with LED lights inside, a technique that gives the illusion of traditional neon with bright lights and intense colors, while being more durable and affordable. For International Women’s Day, Yellowpop created a variety of LED neon signs featuring empowering phrases like “Girl Gang,” “Sisters” and “Girls Girls Girls.” Prices ranging from $290 to $1000 and are available

Yellowpop’s growing roster of creative collaborators include visual artist and photographer, Sarah Bahbah; Swedish-French graffiti artist, André Saraiva; and New York tattoo artist, Girl Knew York.

Yellowpop neon sign 

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