Woman’s genius pillow travel hack allows you to carry on extra luggage for free
21st September 2021

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Packing for your holiday can be one of the most stressful parts of preparing for your getaway.

Knowing what to shove or fold into your suitcase can be a task that heightens the heart rate – especially given we have to keep weight limits in mind.

Thankfully though, one nifty traveller has shared her secret to taking on more luggage without having to splash the extra cash.

TikTok user @nolimitua has shared her travel hack that has made people brand her a “genius."

In the viral video, the woman can be seen zipping up a pillow case that has some of her clothes folded within.

Next, the holidaymaker rolls her suitcase through the airport with her clothing filled pillow on top.

She uses it as her "carry on" and pretends it's just to support her neck.

Amazingly, she went undetected and managed to smuggle the extra clothes onto the plane with no drama.

She smugly hugged the pillow as she sat aboard her flight.

The jet-setter branded the trick “the best travel hack ever!!!” and declared that the “pillow flies free".

Most airlines allow you to take a pillow on the flight with you free of charge.

So by stuffing the pillow case with clothes, the TikTok user managed to save some cash and also have something to rest her head on without having to pay any fees.

The genius hack has proved popular on the social media video sharing site having now racked up a whopping 6 million views and 267,000 likes.

However, one user questioned how the woman got through security.

They pointed out: "Still has to go through an X-ray scanner so not like you're going to smuggle anything.”

The original poster replied: “ Smuggling clothes for free is worth a small carry on.

"For a month-long trip and six flights, that's a lot of money saved!

Other users were stunned by the hack, which has inspired other travellers.

One person commented: “You gave me an idea. I’m gonna do that on my next travel.”

Another labelled the hack: “Genius!”

Someone else commented: "Now everyone will know.

"By 2022, airlines will start charging to take a pillow on board.”

A fourth person claimed they had been doing this trick for “20 years”.

They added: “It's never ever failed me not once and i've packed it in front of them many many times.”

We will make sure we have a spare pillow case next time we fly!

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