Woman who weighed 4st reveals how a hashtag helped her beat anorexia
3rd March 2019

Woman who weighed just 4st 6lbs and nearly died from anorexia reveals how a hashtag helped her overcome the condition – and now she helps others with their body insecurities

  • Megan Crabbe, 25, from Essex, was obsessed with stick thin models as a child
  • At 15, she weighed just 4st 6lb and was hospitalised for 10 months
  • As her organs were failing, her parents were told by doctors to say goodbye 
  • The body positive movement inspired her to embrace her curves and body 
  • Now she is a model and author with over one million followers on Instagram  
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A body positive influencer has revealed how her obsession with models and staying thin almost caused her demise. 

Megan Crabbe, 25, from Essex, was hospitalised aged 14 when her weight dropped to just 4st 6lbs, and as her organs were failing her parents were told by doctors to say goodbye.  

But after being inspired by the hashtag ‘body positive’ on Instagram she has recovered, and is now an influencer who encourages women across the country to love their bodies, reports The Sun. 

‘My dad looked at me and just burst into tears,’ Megan told the publication. ‘That’s when I knew I had to change for my family – so I started gorging on food and stopped exercising.’   

Megan Crabbe, 25, from Essex, whose lowest weight saw her hospitalised and fed through a tube, was inspired in her anorexia recovery by the hashtag #bodypositive. She now has over 1 million Instagram followers and helps others who may be suffering 

The influencer was inspired by the hashtag body positive on Instagram and has since made a miraculous recovery

Megan, who now boasts an Instagram following of over one million, started dieting at 10 years old and just two years later was living off cereal. 

At her lowest, she would survive on a handful of fruit a day, and by the time she reached 15, her weight plummeted to 4st 6lbs.

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After her worried parents, Amanda 57, and Biff, 60, took their daughter to see a doctor, Megan was diagnosed with anorexia.

‘Things got so bad that my dad took me to the child psychiatric unit at Colchester Hospital,’ she revealed in the interview. ‘I spent the next 10 months in and out of the ward.’

Megan often posts words of encouragement to her followers and is keen to promote body positivity. Comparing the above before and after pictures, she wrote: ‘Neither of these bodies is better than the other’

Megan said the turning point for her came when her organs were failing, and doctors told her parents to say goodbye to her. Pictured above, during her battle with anorexia, weighing 4st 6lbs

The 23-year-old regularly posts images posing in her underwear, and has revealed that she now embraces her body 

But despite being given weekly appointments with a psychologist, her obsession with her weight continued. At one stage, with her organs failing, the youngster was put on bed rest and fed through a tube. Her periods stopped, her hair started falling out and she was left feeling cold all of the time. 

Under the watchful eye of the professionals, Megan managed to put on two stone in two months, but she was faced with a constant mental battle to recover – and spent much of her teenage years yo-yoing between dieting and binge-eating. 

But everything changed when she reached 18 and met her boyfriend Ben, who she said has supported her throughout her weight struggles.

Inspired by the hashtag ‘body positive’ Megan bravely began posting photos online that she would have been terrified to post before

She has shared many ‘before and after’ recovery Instagram posts with her 1 million followers and is now a ‘body positive’ model

Speaking of her journey, Megan said: ‘I have learnt to love my body and have used my account to help others do the same. And I’m overwhelmed by the lovely comments people send me.’ Pictured, Megan is now happy with her figure


Anorexia is an eating disorder and a mental health condition.

People diagnosed with it try to keep their weight as low as possible by eating little or excessive exercise.

Men and women can develop the illness, however it typically starts in the mid-teens.

Those with anorexia can have a distorted image of their bodies, thinking their fat when in fact they are severely underweight.

Causes of the condition are unknown, but those with it have either low self-esteem, have a family history of eating disorders or feel pressured from society or place of work.

Long term health complications can include muscle and bone problems, loss of sex drive, kidney or bowl problems or having a weakened immune system.

Treatment for anorexia can include cognitive behavioural therapy.

Aged 20, while browsing Instagram Megan discovered the ‘body positive’ hashtag, and said that it cracked open the very foundations of what she believed about herself. 

‘I came across something I’d never seen before: a photo of a woman in a bikini, laughing and confident,’ Megan told The Mirror. 

‘She was embracing parts of herself that I’d spent my life hating – rolls, cellulite and jiggly arms.’ 

Inspired, she began seeking other women like her, and quickly made friends with others posting about self-love. 

They began challenging one another to post pictures that they wouldn’t normally, or to tell someone you don’t know why their body was amazing. 

Now, four years later, the community Megan is part of has grown, and she has over 1 million Instagram followers who look up to her body positive attitude. 

The 25-year-old regularly posts images in her underwear, and even has two books which speaks about encouraging body positivity. 

She said: I’ve learnt to love my body and have used my account to help others do the same. And I’m overwhelmed by the lovely comments people send me.’ 

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