Woman uses mirror to catch boyfriend looking at scantily-clad women on his phone
28th October 2021

A woman has caught her boyfriend scrolling through snaps of scantily-clad women on Instagram – as she sat next to him.

Tiffany Kristen shared a video on her TikTok asking viewers what she should do to a "cheater".

In the video, she holds a mirror by her feet to get a clear view of what's on her partner's phone while he lies on the bed facing her.

While he is looking at his phone, Tiffany asks him: "What are you looking at?"

"Cars," he answers without hesitation. But in fact, he is scrolling through pictures of women on Instagram.

Knowing full well that he is lying, Tiffany continues: "What kind of cars?"

He says: "Exotic cars. I've always wanted one. Been thinking to get one, my car is getting old."

But his phone screen shows him scrolling through dozens of photos of women and even zooming on a picture of a bikini-clad woman.

The girlfriend tests him by saying: "Really? So let me see."

He switches his app to a web browser and turns the screen around, showing proof that he is looking at a blue Bugatti.

Within a second, he switches back and carries on checking the pictures.

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Tiffany decides to expose him, saying: "Wow that one in red is really nice."

Her boyfriend seems taken aback and as he turns around, he finds out the truth.

While Tiffany put on hashtag "comedy" in the caption, many urged her to break up with him and end the relationship.

One said: "He was zooming in on that girl's private parts. That's what makes the disrespect more hurtful."

Another wrote: "The fact that he was bold enough to keep going and not exit out as soon as you started questioning him."

But others were convinced the clip was staged, with one asking: "But like how did you get the mirror by your foot?"

"This is obviously scripted, fake! He already has the car, he showed it in another app," a second added.

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