Woman shows how to hide hip dips using ‘classic influencer pose’
14th January 2022

Social media is usually full of influencers looking ‘perfect’, which often puts pressure on many people to look the same.

With teeny waists, flat stomachs and a big behind , the beauty standard for women can seem impossible to fit.

That is because a lot of people online do not actually look the same in real life.

And, body positive influencer and journalist Danae Mercer has just proved why.

Sharing with her 2.4 million Instagram followers, the blonde bombshell shared how some influencers hide their ‘hip dips’.

Danae has revealed that people can completely change the shape of their body thanks to the power of posing.

In the clip, Danae dons a daring red strapless bikini first standing in a natural stance.

She dubbed the “classic influencer pose” a “hip dip hider.”

Danae then hikes her bikini bottoms up to her waist, breathes in and leans to one side – completely altering her shape.

The influencer explained in further detail about the technique: “They’re so gosh darn easy to POSE AWAY and HIDE.”

“My right leg is popped with (my) right knee bent so I can really exaggerate my hip arch. My core is tight.

““My bum is back. And I’ve given myself a beast of a wedgie for the longest looking legs…

“Now POSING can be darn fun. And if that makes you feel fierce, amazing.”

“But don’t let the INTERNET convince you your HIP DIPS are BAD or that no one else has got them.

“Basically, hip dips are GENETIC. And so darn COMMON."

The influencer ended the caption by reminding her millions of followers to not take social media at face value.

She added: “So remember that whether you’ve got hip dips or smooth hips or jiggly bits or WHATEVER, you’re doing great. Social media is filtered.

“And you, in whatever way you choose to stand or relax or pose or chill, you’re incredible.

“Glad you and your hips are here.”

Since being posted, many people fled to the comments to show their appreciation for Danae being so real.

One person commented: "Love this! Thank you for keeping it real."

Another user added: “Some days I really don’t like myself because of social media.

"Thank you for showing us that this is normal. You are beautiful by the way.”

A third fan praised: “Thank you for normalising real bodies and illuminating how much fake there is!! Fit or not, we all have a super power just being ourselves!!”

Someone else voiced: “I like my hip dips. It’s where my quad muscle comes OUT & I love my muscles!! Why would I want to get rid of that?!! The world has gone mad.

“Breaks my heart so many women try to fit a mould.”

And a fifth person expressed: “I’m proud of my hip dips.”

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