Woman shares hack to stop draughts and keep your room warm
9th December 2022

With energy prices continuing to rise this winter, we are all looking for ways to bring our bills down.

Getting a handle on daughts can leave a room feeling much cosier – and save on your heating bill, too.

Thankfully, one woman has shared an easy hack that will tackle a random whoosh of freezing air.

So you can ensure your home retains heat, rather than loses it.

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‘Stop draughts from ruining your winter. Energy prices are crazy, but we will keep you cosy,’ wrote TikToker, @thecosyclub.

‘So much heat escapes through draughts in the windows,’ she added.

To stop the issue, the user notes that draught blockers are a great way to prevent the cold air travelling through small cracks.

Never heard of them before? Fear not, they do exactly what they say on the tin.

The blocker is simply an adhesive sticker that attaches to the window.

As a result, these simple stickers are a cheap and easy solution that will save you money in the long-run – especially if you have a draughty home.

Even better, you can buy the blockers in a number of different colours – which means you can match up with the hue of the window and they will be undetectable.

Those in the comments were quick to share other ways to put an end to draughts.

One viewer shared: ‘Alternatively duct tape does not look pretty but does keep the heat in.’

And another added: ‘There’s another way. Open the window on the side panel turn the circle to the right then lock the window. This will keep out the draft.’

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