Woman reveals how to have an orgasm by rubbing your lower back
15th January 2021

When you think of erogenous zones (outside of the obvious genitalia) you probably think of nipples, lips, ears, or even toes.

It turns out the lower back can also be included, and some people even report having orgasms after having the area stimulated.

TikToker ThisModelEatsALot shared how one partner made her orgasm by rubbing her ‘sacrum’.

In a video that’s now been viewed over 670,000 times, she told how a man used the heel of his hand to work the area above her tailbone, building up momentum until she came.

The sacrum is a triangular pelvic bone located above your coccyx (tailbone).

Like any part of the body, some people find it particularly sensitive, and others – like ThisModelEatsALot – can even orgasm through touching it.

Dr Deborah Lee, at Dr Fox Online Pharmacy tells Metro.co.uk: ‘A “sacrum orgasm” is another way of achieving female orgasm, by directly stimulating nerves in the sacral (lower back) area. It’s more correctly termed a “sacral orgasm”.

‘The fact that sacral stimulation can help women have more pleasurable sex is not new.

‘Women with extreme lower urinary tract or sexual dysfunction problems are now sometimes offered sacral neuromodulation using a specialised device, surgically implanted under the skin of the lower back. This can be very successful at relieving their symptoms.’

Why the sacral area specifically feels so good is as a result of direct stimulation of the sacral plexus – waking up those sacral nerves rather than those in the clitoris or vagina.

Dr Lee says: ‘The pudendal nerve leaves the distal end of the sacrum and travels down into the pelvis to supply the genital area – notably the clitoris and many of the pelvic floor muscles.

‘However, it also supplies the anal canal, the perianal skin, and the lower third of the anal canal.’

To stimulate this area, you first need to know exactly where it is. You can find your coccyx by pressing the top/middle part of your bum. The sacral region is just above that.

‘Women often find sexual stimulation, such as stroking, or applying pressure on their lower back directly over the sacral region, highly pleasurable during sex,’ said Dr Lee.

‘The partner can also stimulate the sacrum from inside the anal canal, either by anal penetration with a finger or with the penis.

‘Gentle pressure can be applied through the anal canal directly onto the sacral area by rubbing upwards and backwards, gently around the coccyx.’

Dr Lee’s top tip is to ensure you have clean hands and short fingernails, as well as using plenty of lubricant. For those having anal sex to stimulate the sacrum, use condoms, water based lubricant, and avoid spermicide.

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