Woman quits job after boss sent fat-shaming text telling her to ‘cover stomach’
6th July 2022

A woman has walked out of her job after her boss sent her a "fat-shaming" message asking her to "cover her stomach".

Abigayle Canterbury, from US, thought she found a job with no strict policies but after three weeks into the new role, she got "dress-coded" by her manager.

Thinking it's a "laid-back environment" to work, she was under the impressions that she could wear crop tops and jeans just like some of her petite colleagues.

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But then she received a text message from her manager asking her to "dress nicer" and in particular, "cover her stomach".

Abigayle shared the unhappy experience and explained in a TikTok video: "Hey the business owner talked to me yesterday about your clothes.

"He said please dress something nicer and cover the stomach. Thank you. Just cover all your body that's what he means."

The TikToker asked to clarify the issue and mentioned that she "didn't know it was a problem".

She later asked her colleague if they have had the same dress code issue and they both said "no".

"The message, not only it caught me off-guard, it also hurt my feelings," she continued.


Abigayle had another talk with her manager and felt that she was "singled out" due to the unfair treatment she received.

She decided to quit the job.

Her experience sparked a debate as someone agreed with her that it was fat-shaming because of her size.

But some argued that the issue was "not worth all the drama".

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Abigayle replied that she didn't see it as a drama, adding: "He could have said 'I don't think it's working out' and I would have been fine with that."

One pointed out: "The manager has seen his other employees, they're sexy, you're not. End of subject."

Another called the manager for having "little man syndrome".


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