Woman fumes after being sunburned on her double chin while lounging in garden
20th May 2022

A woman has gone viral for her hilarious rant after she realised she had caught the sun on her 'second chin.'

Chloé Kent, who posts to TikTok as @chloekent89, explained that she had been outside enjoying the sun while watching the live stream of the Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard trial – leaving most of her body a bit pink.

While she declared her sunburn to be 'very British', she held one hand over her face, before bringing it down to reveal a red streak underneath her chin, which she says makes her look like she has a 'beard rash.'

In the clip, which now has over 172,000 likes, the mum from Norfolk said: "Guys look, this is not, I'm absolutely not okay. Ignore my hair, this is just what you look like when you're having a breakdown.

"I've been out in the sun all day, as you can tell. Very British one arm didn't need the other one burnt, to be honest, a little bit on my chest and then… my second chin.

"[It] didn't get this chin, but no, cause you need that. Not me. I just got my second chin done.

"That's because I was looking at my phone, watching the Amber Heard trial.

"I look like I've got a beard rush. I'm calling in sick tomorrow, so don't even worry about it."

In the middle of her rant her daughter can be heard in the background asking her mum if she has 'double chins' to which Chloe responded: "Yes, I do babes, as it goes."

TikTok users found the sunbathing mishap hilarious as others dubbed it a 'natural contour.'

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One user wrote: "I'm so sorry but I actually laughed out so loud when you put your hand down."

Another added: "I mean natural tan contour. Go with it…"

A third said: "When it fades to a tan, it'll be like a natural contour."

A fourth commented: "That's called contour! Stylish!"

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