Woman finds secret room behind bathroom cabinet three months after moving in
27th March 2021

A woman who moved into her new home for three months has just discovered a secret room behind a cabinet inside her bathroom.

TikTok user @cattccc and her friend said they moved into a "really old house" in London until they found out the little space hidden in the toilet in the attic.

She said: "Can't believe we've lived here for three months and only just discovered this.

"We discovered a secret room in the coolest place."

In the clip, her flatmate walks into the en-suite bedroom then turns to the right to the bathroom.

A voiceover is playing: "Everybody has that one thing in the house that everybody thinks it's so cool.

"Could it be a hidden cabinet, little movie room, gadget?"

She pans the camera around to show the stylish finishing of the interiors before stopping at the mini shelved cabinet by the wall.

"But ours is this," she adds.

When she pulls the cabinet out, it reveals a small storage room with ample natural light coming in through the velux window.

Cat is seen enjoying the street view outside while sitting along with all the empty boxes and reusable shopping bags.

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Viewers said the secret room could be a smoking area or good for relaxing.

One said: "That'd be perfect to just lay there and listen to the rain hitting the window."

A second wrote: "Harry Potter room! Version with a window."

Meanwhile, a woman living in Califronia, US, is less fortunate when she found a manhole in her bedroom which led to a shelter and food store.

In the shelter, she found two bunk beds and even a urinal.

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