Woman Buys Size 8 Outfit Online for Vacation, Gets Tiny Ensemble that Only Fits Her Dog
7th March 2019

Fashion is going to the dogs.

Callie Conway of New Castle, England, had to surrender a recent online purchase to her pooch Charlotte, after the product arrived in surprising shape, reports the Daily Mail.

“So I bought a UK SIZE 8 outfit for Ibiza and this arrived … fits my dog better than me,” Conway, 19, tweeted on Wednesday.

The teen found that she could squeeze into the tiny outfit she received from online marketplace Depop, but it was too uncomfortable to wear for long. Not wanting the $40 order to go to waste, Conway put the outfit on her curly-coated canine and it fit the 12-year-old Bedlington Terrier just right.

On average, full-grown Bedlington terriers weigh around 17-23 pounds and have a height between 15-17.5 inches, according the American Kennel Club.

Thankfully, Conway posted photos of the dog modeling the outfit so all of Twitter could rejoice in Charlotte’s new party look.

The tweet of Charlotte’s stylish ensemble now has over 242,000 likes and 42,000 retweets. While many of the comments are positive, a few Twitter users have expressed concerns that the senior dog might not enjoy dressing up. Conway followed up her first tweet with an explanation for worried commenters.

“Before anymore petty comments: 1. the dogs not in pain/fear… she loves getting dressed up however always looks miserable! 2. this is not animal cruelty … pet shops sell clothing/accessories for dogs 3. yes I named her charlotte,” the owner posted.

Conway told Caters that her former outfit will be joining Charlotte’s full wardrobe, which includes “clothes, birthday dresses and accessories.”

“Seems like Charlotte is ready to embrace her disco dancer vibe – we’ve even got her a hat and sunglasses ready for Ibiza,” Conway added.

This story is just another reminder: when life gives you lemons, try turning them into something cute for your dog.

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