Why skin-to-skin contact with your newborn is important as Jake Quickenden is trolled for ‘posing topless’ with son
28th February 2021

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Jake Quickeneden was forced to hit back after receiving backlash from a Twitter user for “posing topless” with his newborn son Leo.

The Dancing On Ice star, who welcomed his first child into the world with girlfriend Sophie Church last week, took to social media to share the sweet snap, but some fans claimed the singer was “showing off” by posing topless.

One Twitter user wrote: "When I was at the birth of both my children I’m sure I had a T-shirt on."

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And Jake clapped back: "Well you wasn’t told to do skin on skin mate, maybe cos you’re built like a f*****g sparrows leg!!"

Another tweeted: "Why are you topless?? Planning on breastfeeding?? Congrats on the baby."

As Jake hit back: "Not that it’s any of your business but it was skin on skin and then I wrapped him up!"

So why is skin-to-skin contact so important?

According to Unicef UK, skin-to-skin contact is “highly important” for supporting mothers to initiate breastfeeding and to develop a close and loving bond with their baby.

According to research, there is growing evidence that skin-to-skin contact, especially immediately after birth, calms both the mother and baby, regulates the baby’s heart rate and breathing, and stimulates digestion and an interest in feeding.

Research also shows that skin-to-skin contact isn’t just reserved for the mother of the child, either and that it is “vital” in forming a close bond between father and baby.

According to the Irish Times research has shown that men who hold their baby close in the first 24 hours after their baby is born, report better bonding with their newborn.

On top of this, the 10 leading benefits of skin-to-skin care include:

– Improvement in heart and lung function

– Stabilisation of body temperature

– Regulation of bloody sugar

– Initiation of breastfeeding

– Transfer of good bacteria

– Reduction in crying

– Relief from pain

– Enhancement of mum-baby communication

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– Easier transition from the womb

– Boost in maternal-child bonding

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