Why high-powered people like being dominated in bed
8th April 2022

Some people love to be dominated in bed, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

So long as the situation is safe and consensual, it can be fun to have the sense of power being ‘taken’ from you – especially if you’re in a position of power outside of the bedroom.

Certain bosses, CEOs, politicians and VIPs across the country will be engaging in some light domination, enjoying having someone else take the lead. There’s a reason that some people in positions like these enjoy this bedroom kink so much.

Kate Moyle, sex expert for sexual wellness brand LELO, says: ‘A sub/dom relationship centres around a consensual exchange of power.’

Whether or not it appeals to someone is down to many factors, such as ‘life experiences, context, preferences and desires’.

She explains: ‘One common reason is that being in a submissive role offers the opposite to someone who is in a high power role in daily life – this takes away from some of the pressures and expectations of the daily routine, offering a sense of relief or the ability to fully let go in the experience.’

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