When does Lent finish?
31st March 2021

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Lent compels people to give up some of their favourite foods or activities once a year for 40 days. Often they find the process either helps them or creates an increasing sense of longing. For those in the latter category, the wait won’t last much longer, as the end days away.

When does Lent finish?

Lent hopes to mirror the Biblical tale of Jesus’ 40 days of fasting in the wilderness.

The modern goal is to encourage repentance and spirituality by depriving oneself of a favourite food, drink or activity.

Observers will traditionally take the same amount of time Jesus did and dedicate themselves to introspection.

Lent officially began on February 17, and 40 days makes the official end date April 1.

The duration means it ends on Maundy Thursday and three days before Easter Sunday.

But modern Lent doesn’t last for exactly 40 days and is sometimes adjusted for rest.

People often don’t count Sundays during the month Lent lasts.

Some observers may, therefore, choose to observe lent for 46 days in total.

Depending on the denomination, some people will stop “fasting” by Holy Saturday, which is on April 3 this year.

Easter is also a floating holiday, meaning the dates and timings of lent each year vary.

Christian tradition celebrates Easter depending on the moon.

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Easter will always take place on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox.

The first full moon after March 21 fell on March 28 this year, so Easter Sunday falls on April 4.

Lent always falls during the same three months, between February and April.

But the dates often swing wildly, with no clear patterns in variation.

Lent dates up until 2030 show how Lent can vary:


Ash Wednesday: March 2

Holy Thursday: April 14


Ash Wednesday: February 22

Holy Thursday: April 6


Ash Wednesday: February 14

Holy Thursday: March 28


Ash Wednesday: March 5

Holy Thursday: April 17


Ash Wednesday: February 18

Holy Thursday: April 2


Ash Wednesday: February 10

Holy Thursday: March 25


Ash Wednesday: March 1

Holy Thursday: April 13


Ash Wednesday: February 14

Holy Thursday: March 29


Ash Wednesday: March 6

Holy Thursday: April 18

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