Wedding couple encourage guests to get tattoos on their big day
15th August 2023

Wedding favours and gifts vary from ceremony to ceremony, but one unusual offering caught the eye of TikTokkers.

One bride decided to offer out tattoos to her guests, so anyone could get a small design to help them remember the big day.

It’s a pretty big commitment, especially to do on a whim.

Posting a video to show she experience, she wrote: ‘Your sign to have a tattoo artist at your wedding.’

One guest got a small outline tattoo, which looks like a buffalo.

And (adult) guests all of ages got stuck in to embrace the wedding favour.

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The reaction from viewers was mixed – even if it looked like all the guests involved enjoyed it.

One person wrote: ‘The amount of random tattoos I would leave with.’

‘It would be so awkward if no one wanted a tattoo,’ another added.

But in the event that loads do want it done, one person considered: ‘I couldn’t imagine how stressful for the artist it’d be to have to set up, stencil and tattoo, and then sanitise everything. Outside. Over and over.’

‘Normally you only wake up the next day with a sore head – this takes regrets to a whole new level,’ someone wrote.

In the comments, the poster of the video explained that the tattoo artist charged $60 (£47) per tattoo to the guest directly, and that no one was drunk at that part of the do.

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