Vegans may make phrases like ‘bringing home the bacon’ obsolete
5th December 2018

An academic argues that meat-based idioms like “bringing home the bacon” or “putting all your eggs in one basket” could soon become obsolete — because they could offend vegans and vegetarians.

“The increased awareness of vegan issues will filter through consciousness to produce new modes of expression,” Shareena Z. Hamzah, who received her PhD in English Literature at Swansea University, wrote in The Conversation. “It may very well be that down the line powerful meat metaphors are eschewed.”

Meanwhile, vegans and vegetarians are on the rise, reports Forbes. In 2017, sales of plate-based food in the U.S. increased by 8.1 percent, according to a study by Nielsen and the Good Food Institutes.

Hamzah says this could mean that idioms like “killing two birds with one stone” and “beating a dead horse” could eventually be replaced by more animal-friendly sayings like “feeding two birds with one scone” and feeding a fed horse.”

For years, animal rights organizations like PETA have been advocating for similar vegetarian-friendly phrases.

Hamzah’s essay has already caused strong reactions on social media.

“Bringing home the broccoli? Just not the same,” tweeted one user.

“Some people are offended by frankly anything nowadays,” wrote another user. “What’s their beef?”

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