Twitter users are still eating Christmas leftovers on New Year’s Eve
31st December 2018

‘My last 18 meals have been Christmas dinner’: Twitter users admit that they are STILL eating festive leftovers on New Year’s Eve – despite experts warning that turkey lasts just four days

  • Twitter users have been sharing stories of weird leftover food combinations 
  • But others are disgusted people cooked that much food on Christmas Day
  • Food experts say turkey will last for four days, and pigs in blankets for three 

Having an enormous Christmas feast is a tradition for many families – as is cramming it all into a sandwich on Boxing Day.

But more often than not, our eyes are bigger than our stomachs and Brits are left with a huge amount of leftovers that can’t be tackled in just one day. 

Food experts advise that turkey can be eaten for up to four days after it is cooked, while you have just three days to gobble up leftover pigs and blankets.

However, people across the globe who are trying to avoid waste are finding themselves scoffing down the remains of Christmas dinner almost a week after the big day.

Twitter users have been debating whether or not it’s acceptable to eat Christmas leftovers on New Year’s Eve

Joe Crann perfectly summed up the struggle of creating a reasonable meal from the random leftovers

Kirby Winslow, from Los Angeles, only finished her first Christmas dinner dish five days after the big day

Matt Bedford, from Bromsgrove in Worcestershire, said every meal since Christmas has contained leftovers or been chocolate based

Brit Lisa B’s husband risked seven-day-old Christmas ham with stale ciabatta bread

Taking to Twitter to share their creative – and often disgusting – meals, other social media users have been repulsed by the food poisoning-inducing dishes.

Lisa B said: ‘My husband’s tea consists of 7 day old Christmas ham, cheese so strong it’s been relegated to the back garden and ciabatta bread so stale it’s become its own toast. Time to move on from the leftovers.’

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Joe Crann wrote: ‘Is anyone else still just eating leftovers after Christmas? Wines, spirits, cheeses. Refuse to waste anything, so my meals are a wreck. Cheese platter with vodka lemonade and tennis biscuits? Done.’

Kirby Winslow added: ‘Day 5 of Christmas leftovers and we’ve lost our first dish today. Long live the Mac and cheese you will be truly missed.’ 

Jeniece Roman, from Connecticut, criticised the excessive waste from Christmas dinners

KJ warned that anyone still eating leftovers was likely to get salmonella

Gio Insignares was ‘very concerned’ for those still risking it with leftovers on New Year’s Eve

Dan tweeted: ‘Current Status: Still on Christmas leftovers.’ 

Not everyone is happy about people still eating leftovers this far since Christmas though.

Jeniece Roman, from Connecticut, said: ‘I’m seeing tweets about people still eating Christmas leftovers. Seriously?! I get that you don’t want anything to go to waste but why have that much food at once in the first place? 

‘Don’t understand the obsession with excessly [sic] doing everything eating, spending, etc.’

Gio Insignares added: ‘I’d be very** concerned if anyone is still eating Christmas leftovers going into today. #NewYearsEve2018 [vomiting emoji].’

KJ tweeted: ‘If you’re still eating Christmas leftovers, say hello to Salmonella for me.’

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