Twitter account documents VERY bizarre comments from LinkedIn users
28th September 2020

That’s not very professional! Hilarious LinkedIn posts are ridiculed on Twitter – including a man who insists ‘nobody cares about your degree when you drive a Ferrari’

  • Twitter user has rounded up bizarre posts from LinkedIn users around the globe
  • Hilarious gallery includes man who shared picture of him standing with Ferrari
  • Also features woman posing in field and motivational quote made from balloons

LinkedIn is a place where professionals from all around the world can connect, but that’s not always how it’s used.  

A hilarious online gallery, collated by BoredPanda, of the Twitter account Cr** on LinkedIn has revealed some of the bizarre posts employees from around the world have shared to their page on the platform. 

From a man who insists you ‘don’t need a degree if you have a Ferrari’ and a woman who inexplicably shared a photograph of herself posing in a field, some users aren’t exactly being professional on the website. 

Examples also include several nonsensical motivational quotes, one made from balloons,  and a man who says he was inspired by a bug. 

Here, FEMAIL reveals the top examples of social media users using LinkedIn for the wrong thing…

Bored Panda rounded up a selection of hilarious posts spotted on LinkedIn, including one users attempt at redefining the term ‘management’

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One man urged job seekers to stand out from other applicants by highlighting quirky skills that aren’t usually listed on job adverts 

Me, me, me! Another individual shared a humble brag of how he’s able to expand his knowledge across a range of topics by reading 

An entrepreneur tried to guilt trip job seekers into being productive during the pandemic regardless of their situation 

What the bug! Graham, from the UK, revealed that his inspiration came in the form of an insect that crawled across his desk 

Rather far afield! Amy, from Dakota, shared an inspirational quote, accompanied with a picture of herself in a field with no explanation

What exactly does that mean? Kurt shared a ‘simple picture’ of how to improve your performance in business 

Great advice! Paul, from the UK, boasted about his sports car and told people that nobody cares about his degree 

Great advice! This user shared a motivational quote, made from balloons and insisted that employees ‘needed’ to see the message today 

A true inspiration! This boss, from Sydney, was very proud of himself for writing a kind message on the side of one of his employees coffee cups 

We’ll take that on board! Eric, from Canada, gave a motivational speech that wasn’t too clear 

Not sure about that one! Brett, from the US, claimed that Apple will never truly be successful and ‘really missed the mark’ on their name 

Enough of the emojis Gary! This user got very angry after he was told by a colleague to stop using so many emojis 

Deep! LinkedIn user Simon, based at an undisclosed location, shared his profound thoughts on watching someone have a coffee 

We haven’t got all day! Adnan, from London, advised taking 30 seconds to answer a question when someone asks you 

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