Tucker Carlson's Misogynistic Quotes Included Digs at Britney Spears and Paris Hilton
11th March 2019

Watchdog organization Media Matters recently unearthed a series of misogynistic, perverted, and plainly disgusting comments made by Fox News host Tucker Carlson to radio program Bubba the Love Sponge between 2006 and 2011.

Soundbites include Carlson’s admission that he loves the idea of girls his daughter’s age sexually experimenting with each other (his daughter was 14 at the time), the assertion that Bill Clinton should “take up plural marriage or something with a bunch of teenagers in a foreign country,” a call for the elimination of rape shield laws (which allow victims to remain anonymous in the media), and a reference to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton as “the biggest white whores in America,” among many other offenses.

Following these disturbing revelations, and the lack of action from Fox News, people are calling on Carlson’s advertisers to drop their funding.

One of the most notable calls to action comes from the Women’s March, which began a #DropTucker petition to target the five women CEOs whose companies are still backing Carlson: Progressive Insurance CEO Tricia Griffith; Sleep Number CEO Shelly R. Ibach; General Motors CEO Mary T. Barra; Enterprise Holdings CEO Pamela Nicholson; and GSK CEO Emma Walmsley. They’ve received nearly 4,500 signatures as of press time.

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Carlson himself responded to the backlash on Sunday evening, calling his past comments “naughty,” but refusing to apologize outright. Instead, he’s leveraging the negative press to grow his viewership.

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