‘Trolls told me to degrade myself for £5 — so I did and made thousands’
16th November 2023

A adult star told to "degrade herself" by cruel trolls had the last laugh – after her discounted content made her thousands.

Rebecca Goodwin turned to the adult entertainment industry in the hopes it would help her support her family and has since made more than £2million through her OnlyFans site. But despite the financial benefits, the mother-of-two often comes under fire from trolls on social media for her line of work.

The 28-year-old, from Chesterfield, England, doesn't shy away from the cruel comments and it was no different in a recent video. She was responding to a cruel troll who who said she was "degrading herself" by working in the adult industry and that she may as well do it on the cheap.The comment said: "Why don't you degrade yourself some more and make it £5."

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But the X-rated star didn't hold back in her response to the keyboard warrior, saying his supposed "advice" had made her more than £3,600 in the process. She said: "As some of you may know, yesterday I took this haters advice and I degraded myself some more and made my OF page just £5 yesterday.

"Also, the only work that I did yesterday was replying to hate comments from this person. Obviously, I used this comment to promote the fact that I did in fact have a sale on.

"Then I used another comment yesterday evening to update everybody on how that sale had done with the promotion from the hate comment.

"As you can see, I am taking another day off. Thank you to my 'free marketing team' that I have on board because yesterday I ended up making $4,500 dollars."

TikTok users were left in hysterics over the video and branded her a "legend" for her response. One user said: "Rebecca you're an actual real life legend."

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Another added: "This is the epitome of Girl Power." A third commented: "I find this to be the most delightful thing on the internet!" Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "And that’s how you slay the day. Working smarter not 'harder'."

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