TikTok’s Dating Wrapped trend is making us reflect on what it was really like to date in 2022
16th December 2022

Written by Leah Sinclair

Dating Wrapped is the Spotify-inspired TikTok trend that encourages people to reflect on their best and worst dating moments of 2022, including the number of people they’ve dated, the relationships that have ended, the money spent on dates and more.

When you look back on your dating life in 2022, what are the words that come to mind? Exciting? Eventful? Awful? All of the above?

Dating in 2022 has truly been a rollercoaster. Some of us enjoyed a hot girl summer, while others swiped their way through the dating apps, dodging all the red and beige flags. Maybe you even fell in love when you least expected it.

Nonetheless, it’s truly had its ups and downs – and now people are reflecting on their dating habits and experiences with #DatingWrapped.

Taking inspiration from Spotify Wrapped – an annual wrap-up that provides users with information on their music taste throughout the year after analysing hours of data – people have taken to TikTok to provide their own reflections on their best and worst dating moments of the year, from the dates they’ve been on to the situationships that have come to an end and the people they’ve ghosted.

TikTok user Alexandria McLean was one of the first users to post her Dating Wrapped slideshow on 2 December. In the clip, which has since gained over 1.3 million views, McLean explained that she went on 21 first dates this year, 66% of which she met on Bumble and 33% on Hinge.

Over half of the dates she went on were first dates that she “never saw again” afterwards. While 19% of her dates ended things with her this year, she shared that she only cried over two of them, stating: “We do not cry over men.”

Since the trend began earlier this month, #DatingWrapped has racked up over 24 million views on TikTok, as people film themselves sharing their dating statistics, all wrapped up in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

TikTok user Amber shared in her Dating Wrapped, which amassed over 3.6 million views, that she spent $368.36 (£300) on dates, with drinks taking up 33.3% and dinner 22.2% of the expenses.

“I wish I had not calculated this number as what could I have done with this money? Literally anything would have been better,” she said.

During her year of dating, Amber also shared that she ended nearly 50% of the relationships, with the men ending 33.3% and a further 16.7% were mutual decisions.

In another TikTok, Natalie Gotko shared how she met most of her dates on dating apps, and of the 22 people she dated, she only met two “in the wild” (ie in-person), an experience she described as “rare”.

While the Dating Wrapped trend pokes fun at how we reflect on ourselves at the end of the year and the tumultuous dating experiences many have dealt with, it also gives an insight into the things we want to change in 2023.

Gotko’s admission that she had only dated two people she met in person highlights the growing desire for IRL dating and is reflected in the number of single parties, speed dating and IRL events taking place in a bid to connect with people away from the dating apps that have reigned over the past decade.

Amber’s Dating Wrapped shared just how much was spent on dating and reminds us of the true cost of being single, the price of dating and why finding ways to date differently (and more affordably) are on the rise.

Dating Wrapped is a truly comical take on the ups and downs of dating in 2022, and as we prepare to enter a new year, going into it knowing what you like and what you don’t like – and doing it all with a sense of humour (and a colourful Powerpoint presentation) – might be the way to go.

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