This ‘Captain Marvel’ & Destiny’s Child Crossover Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today
20th December 2018

While most fan theories are focused on the coming Avengers: Endgame film in April, before the end of Phase III arrives, there’s still Captain Marvel to enter the pantheon of Marvel superheroes. The first standalone female superhero the Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced will premiere on March 8, International Women’s Day. (This is not an accident. Jessica Jones Season 2 premiered in this very spot in 2018.) Fans are celebrating Carol Danvers’ feminist bonafides with memes and crossovers designed to highlight the sisterhood, including a Captain Marvel and Destiny’s Child crossover video.

Years before Beyoncé stood on stage in front of a screen reading FEMINIST in huge block letters, her trio, Destiny’s Child, was celebrating female power and liberation. From their earliest releases like "Bills, Bills, Bills," Destiny’s Child sang about how being dependant on men was a bad idea, because all they do is disappoint, and ladies should stand up for themselves and take charge.

This theme was embodied best in one of their biggest hits, "Survivor," which came from the 2001 album of the same name. The song is considered an anthem for getting up after you’ve been knocked down, either by men, or by friends, or in the case of Carol Danvers, being ripped to pieces in an explosion.

Check out how appropriate this is:

As the tweet notes, the version isn’t the original "Survivor" track, but the "Epic Version," which is entirely appropriate, considering. After all, Captain Marvel is a survivor. She survived a near-death experience and was brought back with the blood of the Kree. She not only is a survivor, but she’s become stronger and more powerful than her enemies could ever imagine.

And she’s going to be the reason humanity survives after Thanos’ the Snappening. Not that fans know yet how she’s going to save the world, but if Nick Fury is paging her, it’s because he knows she’s the only one who can save them.

Twitter was floored by how great this was, by the way.

This isn’t the only remix of the Captain Marvel trailer, of course. Re-editing and remixing trailers is a long-held online tradition in fandoms of all stripes, dating back to the days of LiveJournal. Some of them are pretty spot on, too. But there are remixes, and then there’s something like this, where the editor puts together the exact perfect music and recuts the trailer just so that once it’s been seen, it’s hard to picture the trailer set to anything else. It’s the kind of fan video that makes viewers wonder why the studio didn’t think of it first.

(Speaking of which, Beyoncé wouldn’t be interested in getting Destiny’s Child back together for a one-night get-hype performance to help promote the Captain Marvel movie, would she? I suppose not, but a girl can dream.)

Personally, the only thing missing for me in this mashup is this gif:

Captain Marvel will arrive in theaters next year, premiering in the US on March 8, 2019.

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