The Yorkshire Vet’s Peter Wright’s net worth: Yorkshire’s most famous vet worth huge sum
7th September 2021

Yorkshire Vet's Peter Wright reveals why he's leaving show

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Peter Wright, 64, is a well-known TV presenter from Thirkleby who works with Julian Norton taking care of Yorkshire’s animals at Channel 5 The Yorkshire Vet.

According to CelebPie, the veterinarian has a net worth of over a million dollars (over £725,000).

However, it stated Peter Wright has not confirmed any information about his fortune.

But how did the Yorkshire vet make so much money?

Peter Wright studied veterinary science at Liverpool University and started working at Skeldale Veterinary Centre in 1996.

He worked with Alf White and Donald Sinclair, who are the inspirations for James Herriot and Siegfried Farnon in All Creatures Great and Small.

Peter worked as a veterinarian for over four decades and has stayed at Skeldale since then.

The practice featured years later on The Yorkshire Vet.

The series follows the two Yorkshire-based vets, Peter Wright and Julian Norton, as they go about their day-to-day lives and work helping all types of animals.

However, earlier this summer Peter announced he was leaving Skeldale to move to Grace Lane Vets clinic.

The star announced on Twitter: “The end of an era thanks for all your comments but glad to say I’m not leaving ⁦@theyorkshirevet @channel5_tv and will be continuing my work @gracelanevets.”

He also explained the real reason why he was leaving his beloved Skeldale Veterinary Centre is because he wanted to continue working with farm animals.

He revealed: “I’m leaving Skeldale, as far as the program’s concerned, as of tonight and people have been quite concerned,” he said in an episode of Steph’s Packed Lunch.

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He admitted the practice had been a big part of his life for a number of years, saying: “Well my life really has been Skeldale for nearly four decades.”

“The reason I’m leaving is because at Skeldale it’s no longer economical for them to look after farm animals. That’s been a big part of my life.

“We’ve had quite a lot of viewers ringing in saying ‘what’s going to happen to your clients that you’ve loved all these years?’ Well, I just want to reassure the viewers tonight that they will be looked after, by who I’m not going to say, but you’ll have to tune in tonight and find out,” he added.

The new series of The Yorkshire Vet which will see Peter working at new clinic Grace Lane Vets airs tonight September 7 at 8pm on Channel 5.

Peter is married to wife Lin, and they live in Thirkleby, Yorkshire.

The couple have two children, Emily and Andrew, and one grandson, Archie.

Chatting about their first date to The Daily Mal, Lin said: “He drove an old Ford Escort that stank of animals. He kept his wellies and waterproofs in the back and an animal drug that smelt awful, which he tried to mask with aftershave. Then he drove me to an abattoir because he wanted to watch a post-mortem on a cow.” 

Skeldale’s website said about the veterinarian: “Peter enjoys small animal internal medicine as well as equine work, but is also regularly seen out on-farm visits. When not working, Peter enjoys playing Bridge, gardening, takes part in tractor rallies, and spending time with his family.”

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