‘The Voice’ Coaches Join Jimmy Fallon For Epic A Cappella Mashup Of Their Hits — Watch
11th December 2018

Now this is truly brilliant. Jimmy Fallon and The Roots provided an a cappella backdrop for all of ‘The Voice’ judges as they sang their biggest hits. You’ve got to see this epic video.

We already know how talented the superstar coaches of The Voice are. Pair them together with the incredible musicians from The Tonight Show house band The Roots and host Jimmy Fallon as their a cappella backup singers and magic happens. Jimmy gave the late night audience on Dec. 10 quite a thrill with a two minute video featuring Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson singing their biggest hits with Jimmy and The Roots bopping along in harmony.

It was set up like The Brady Bunch opening, with Jimmy in the middle  box while eight members of The Roots appeared in the ones surrounding him, each with a bright colorful backdrop. Adam was first up, knocking Jimmy to the box on right right as he took over the middle with the chorus of Maroon 5‘s “She Will Be Loved.”  He then started earnestly into the band’s Smash “This Love” while Jennifer popped up into the middle spot as Adam was moved to the left. She eventually kicked him out to take over with her hit “Spotlight.”

Jennifer didn’t get too much time with her song as Blake soon took over her middle spot singing “I’ll Name The Dogs.” Jimmy even got in the spirit by putting on a black cowboy hat. The host got a little too into the song, taking over the line from Blake’s chorus by singing “I’ll put a little swing on the front porch” to which Gwen Stefani‘s honey told him “Kiss my country ass.” Blake is obviously a big favorite of Jimmy’s as he managed to get the chorus and a whole entire verse out during his time in the center box.

Kelly was up last, singing the opening lines to her hit “Stronger” then threw it WAY back to “Miss Independent.” Then one by one each judge reappeared singing the rest of the songs they originally came on with as the boxes grew in size to have all four of them in the middle singing over each other. All the while Jimmy and The Roots kept on with the exact same a cappella bops that they’d sang throughout the entire video. Bravo guys!

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