The simple diet changes which meant two people could overcome their diabetes
2nd March 2019

Figures from Diabetes UK also suggest that by 2030 around 5.5 million Brits will have the condition.

But it’s emerging that diet is not only responsible for, but can reverse nine in 10 cases of type 2 diabetes.

Here, two people tell how they beat the disease and were able to come off medication simply by changing their eating habits.

Michele’s story

Carer consultant and mum-of-two Michele Gladden, 63, of Bewdley, Worcestershire.

"I thought I lived a healthy life before I was diagnosed with diabetes. I regularly went hiking with my husband George, ate brown rice and pasta, had porridge for breakfast, a jacket potato for lunch and a reasonably healthy dinner.

"But in 2016 I started to feel extremely tired, had repeated urine infections and couldn’t quench my thirst.

"By the time I was diagnosed in May 2015 I had a HbA1c reading – a blood glucose measurement – of 97.Patients without diabetes have readings of 42 and below.

"I was put on metformin to cut my blood sugar levels and given medication for high blood pressure .

"Those first two years with my illness were a real struggle as I tried to balance my diet and keep my sugar levels in check.

"Every time I cut back I felt permanently hungry. My body mass index was 30, which took me just into the obese category.

"In September 2017 I came across The Low Carb Program – it was on – and gave it a go.

"It’s been an absolute lifesaver. My diet is totally different now. It’s about eating low carb vegetables and ignoring advice to cut out the fats which are actually good for you.

"Breakfast will be eggs with bacon and seeded home-made crackers, or maybe an omelette with mushrooms. But if I don’t feel eating first thing I’ll skip it – another piece of so-called advice I’ve ignored.

"Lunch is mainly salad or avocados, or some fish or ham with soft cheese. Olives and nuts are also on the menu some days, alongside full-fat yoghurt.

"At dinner I’ll have meat or fish with a low carb veg like celeriac mash or cauliflower cheese.

"Two months after starting the program I was able to come off my medicine and had a normal HbA1c reading of 30. The fat started falling off too and I now weigh 8st 10lb.

"I’ve been off medication for seven months and am in remission from my diabetes.

"I know I have to remain careful what I eat but I’m thrilled at the results. I feel 20 years younger and have a renewed zest for life.

"If I can reverse my type 2 diabetes, then anyone can."

For more information about the Low Carb Program from Diabetes Digital Media see

Mike’s story

"I watched my beautiful sister Angela die of diabetes complications aged just 45. So when I was told I had the condition I was absolutely determined that I would overcome it.

"Angela developed gestational diabetes – high blood sugar levels – when pregnant and, while in most cases it disappears post-birth, hers remained.

"Sixteen years later, in 2005, she developed an infection in her leg which turned septic, a common complication with the condition.

"She spent 16 weeks in intensive care battling for her life before we lost her. It was devastating.

"It was a shock when I, too, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2009. I weighed 15st 2lb, wore 36in waist trousers and I knew I had to do something.

"I tried several diet plans but they all failed.

"I hate taking medication but when my GP told me in January 2018 that my HbA1c level was 77, rather than the recommended 42 and below, I knew I’d have to swallow my pride and take the pills.

"However, I wasn’t happy and started to research different diets.

"I came across the Fast 800 by TV medic Dr Michael Mosley, who invented the 5:2 diet.

"It is a low carbohydrate 12-week Mediterranean diet based on eating healthy proteins and lots of vegetables. Twelve weeks later I weighed 10st 8lb and was wearing 32in waist trousers.

"I feel healthier than I have in years and I’ve been able to ditch all my medication including insulin, metformin and gliclazide.

"There were hurdles – such as family celebrations and eating in restaurants – but it got easier as I discovered the pleasure of eating real foods.

"My life has been transformed."

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