The Rachel Hair: Jennifer Aniston Launches A Natural Hair Care Line Called ‘LolaVie’
10th September 2021

Jennifer Aniston will forever be tied to her iconic role as Rachel Green on the legendary sitcom, Friends. When the show was at its peak, she revolutionized the world of hair by simply getting a haircut that fans soon identified as being “the Rachel.” Women all over the world flocked to their local salons to mimic her hair cut, and now, they have a very different opportunity to have hair just like hers.  CNN reports that Aniston has launched her very own hair-care brand called LolaVie, and she’s poised to rake in some huge profits. Her iconic hair has been paired with her love for animals and her dedication to use natural ingredients, bringing LolaVie hair care products to the world. Fans can now purchase products that aid in detangling and glossing hair, all while knowing Jennifer Aniston herself is behind the brand.

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Jennifer Aniston is known for her stunning hair and now she’s ready to share her very own beauty products with her fans. Aniston’s nickname, ‘Lola’ is the foundational element behind the name of the brand, which she has worked very hard to cultivate.

While many celebrities have teams of people that work for them to develop their products, Aniston has had her hand in every aspect of the creation of this brand, and has been heavily involved in all aspects of LolaVie’s development.

She has been hard at work giving input and direction with respect to the ingredients used in her products, and heading press releases to inform fans about her exciting new venture.

LolaVie products are said to offer enhanced features such as detangling, smoothing, and adding shine and they are being sold at reasonable prices, making them accessible and affordable for people from all walks of life. Some of the bottles start as low as $25 and consumers are being told there are a few extra perks in those bottles as well.

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When creating this line of hair care products, Jennifer Aniston remained true to her clean lifestyle by developing a brand that embraces all natural ingredients.  LolaVie cliams  to be “free from silicones, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, gluten and preservatives,” making it a healthy option for both consumers, and the environment.

This brand is also said to be cruelty-free and vegan, making it a clear winner for those looking to enhance their beauty without the use of harsh chemicals and damaging ingredients.

As she joins a slew of celebrities that have developed their own beauty brands, Jennifer Aniston’s new line is projected to add an abundance of wealth to her already enormous $300 million net worth.

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Sources: CNN, People

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