'The Challenge': Why Trivia Isn't Actually TJ Lavin's Favorite Challenge
16th May 2022

The Challenge host TJ Lavin seemingly enjoys trivia challenges the most as he gets a kick out of ejecting the players into the water. However, he has since admitted that trivia actually isn’t his favorite daily mission.

‘The Challenge’ host TJ Lavin admitted trivia challenges aren’t his favorite

Over the seasons, trivia has become a staple challenge the contestants will have to participate in at some point, depending on how far they make it.

For the trivia challenges, the players are almost always suspended high over a body of water in some sort of contraption. Host TJ Lavin asks the questions and pulls a lever ejecting the competitor when they answer a certain amount incorrectly.

His maniacal laugh as the contestants fly into the water has also become a staple viewers look forward to on trivia day. Talking to the winningest competitor Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, the host admitted trivia isn’t his favorite challenge during a February 2022 episode of the podcast Death, Taxes, and Bananas.

While he named anything over high water as his favorite type of daily mission, the BMX legend revealed he “doesn’t love trivia.” Instead, the host noted they’re the most difficult for him due to the amount of reading he has to do. According to Lavin, he has to read all the questions and answers several times.

Lavin previously recalled ‘the most insane fight’ in the house

Also, during the podcast, Devenanzio asked the host which fight he considered the most “uncomfortable or insane” that happened in the Challenge house, resulting in him having to “scold” the contestants.

While the seven-time champ suggested the “crazy” argument during Battle of the Exes 2 that started between Nia Moore and Nany González and nearly turned physical in front of the host, he quickly switched to the Final Reckoning body slam in which Cory Wharton threw Tony Raines to the pavement.

The host agreed, calling the situation “gnarly” and “pretty damn crazy.” Devenanzio noted that he can tell when Lavin is only repeating what producers have told him to say or when he’s speaking “from the heart.”

According to the former champ, he never saw that “look of disappointment and anger” when the host reprimanded Cory for his actions, eventually sending him home.

Lavin would team up with five-time champ CT Tamburello in a final

As season 36’s Double Agents aired, Lavin joined MTV’s Official Challenge podcast hosted by veterans Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal. During the April 15 episode, the three discussed the finals.

Lavin, who previously claimed he had tested daily missions before the players, claimed he would partner with five-time champ CT Tamburello for a final if allowed to run one.

Even though he named Leroy Garrett as one of his all-time favorite players, Lavin pointed out that the long-standing veteran’s wealth of experience running finals, coupled with his ability to quickly figure out the most effective way to complete the menial tasks, makes him a dream teammate.

Additionally, The Real World star noted that Tamburello frequently practices puzzles at home with his son, giving him an advantage over competitors who aren’t as well-versed. Finally, the BMX acknowledged his will to “go hard” and power through it without needing breaks. The Challenge: All Stars 3 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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