The bra trick that gives bigger breasts an instant lift
28th February 2023

I’m slim with a large bust – here’s my bra trick for giving your breasts an instant lift (and there’s NO wires or padding!)

  • Londoner Darcie Ratcliff has shared a nifty bra hack on her Youtube channel 
  • Revealed how you can cut your bra into an halter top to ‘hoist’ your breasts 
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Wearing dainty bras can feel impossible if you have larger breasts, but a woman has revealed a clever hack that will help you feel supported without the need for heavy straps. 

Taking to YouTube, Londoner Darcie Ratcliff recommended her trick for women with bigger chests, who often have to wear heavy-duty bras under their clothes. 

The influencer, who loves to share tips and tricks on her channel, said that she often feels that her breasts are ‘droopy’ with a normal bra.

But by cutting the straps off at the back and tying them behind your neck to create a halter, women with larger busts can lift their breasts and wear small tops.

Darcie, who counts more than 12.300 subscribers on the video platform, added that the tip makes her feel more ‘supported’ and her breasts look lifted. 

Londoner Darcie Ratcliff shared her hack on how to be supported with a dainty bra if you don’t want to wear big straps on her Youtube channel 

‘I have a hack for anyone with slightly larger boobs who wants to wear a little dainty top with no wire or padding,’ she said.

She showed what her chest looks like in a normal, grey bra without padding, saying: ‘So right now, my boobs are sitting like this. 

‘They’re feeling a little droopy, and I want them to sit like this,’ she said, adjusting the straps with her hands to lift her chest and make it look a bit perkier. 

The creator moved on to demonstrating her trick, using a grey everyday bra with slim straps.

‘As you can see it’s just a normal bra,’ Darcie said, showing the piece of fabric to the camera. 

The creator then moved on to cutting off the bra’s straps on each side of the band before showing them to the camera. 

‘And then you’ve basically got a halter neck top, so you could hoist your boobs together,’ Darcie said. 

She demonstrated what she meant by tying the bra at the back of her neck while lifted her chest to get it to the level she wanted.  

The content creator explained she sometimes feels her chest looks ‘droopy’ in her every day bras 

‘Now they fit a lot better and I feel a lot more supported,’ the Youtuber said, showing how well her altered bra supported her chest to the camera. 

Other content creators have build a following thanks to the hacks they share online. 

Aussies have been wowed by a simple trick that can be used to hang pictures up perfectly straight every time without using a tape measure or marking the wall. 

Parents Wes and Alison, from Las Vegas, shared the nifty hack online and all you need is a piece of painter’s tape, a screw driver and a drill. 

Wes placed a strip of masking tape over the back of the frame where the keyholes were and he then marked the location of the holes with a screw driver.

Darcie recommends to take a normal day bra with small straps and to cut the straps off in order to create a halter top 

The dad then peeled the tape off the frame, stuck it to the wall where he wanted to hang the picture and drilled in holes over the tape where the marks were. 

Thousands praised the ‘easy’ ‘game changing’ trick however some were quick to recommend using a spirit level to ensure the picture will be hung perfectly straight. 

‘Where was this tip hiding,’ the online famous duo captioned a viral clip demonstrating how to do the picture hanging hack. 

Rather than meticulously measuring out exactly where he needed to drill holes in the wall, Wes marked out where the picture hooks were on a piece of painters or masking tape. 

He used a screw driver to puncture holes into the tape, placed the tape on the wall where he wanted to hang the picture then drilled screws into where the two holes were and peeled the tape off before hanging the frame. 

Viewers were quick to point out, while Wes’s picture was straight, DIYers can use a spirit level to make sure a frame isn’t hung on an angle. 

‘Take it one step further and use a level to make sure tape is level. Easy peasy,’ one woman said. 

‘Perfect but remember to put up a level line first!!,’ another suggested. 

However most commenters were thankful for the ‘game changing’ home improvement tip.   

‘Oh my goodness.. you have literally made my life easier! As a short person this is always a struggle, considering I literally have to make the holes and then step back to see if it’s straight!’ one viewer said. 

‘I wish I’d have known this brilliant trick a few days ago when I hung up a clock…I have several holes in my wall!’ a second laughed.

‘That is amazing. I’m about to hang a window mirror and it needs precision hanging. This is the perfect perfect solution!!’ replied a third. 

Others had their own tricks for hanging pictures including one who said they used toothpaste.

‘I dab toothpaste on the back where the nails should go press it against the wall nail and wipe off the toothpaste works like a charm!’ they shared. 

‘Since I learned about this, I actually put the tape at the very top and work a second piece over the brackets or such for mounting. This helps so I know where the top of the frame will be when mounting near other photos,’ a second recommended.

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