The Best Reactions to Kamala Harris's Historical Vice Presidential Election
10th November 2020

After days of waiting on election results, it's finally official: Kamala Harris has been elected as the first female vice president, as well as the first Black and South Asian-American V.P.

Once the news was confirmed, people began celebrating the historical significance of the moment on Twitter.

Harris was also the second-ever Black woman and first South Asian-American to serve on the U.S. Senate when she was elected in 2017.

"When I was elected the first woman district attorney of San Francisco, and I was the first woman of color to be elected district attorney of any county in California, which is a state of 40 million people," Harris said about breaking barriers during an interview in 2019. "When I was attorney general of California, and elected to the United States Senate … so it’s pretty much every race I’ve run."

Harris, who was running for president at the time before dropping out of the race and being named as Biden's VP nominee, said, "Reporters will ask me, what do you think about this whole question of ‘is America ready for you?’ What I tell them is, you know what? This is not a new conversation for me. I’ve heard this conversation every time I have — and now here’s the operative word — won. But every time, every time, I ran for these offices: They’re not ready for you. It’s not your turn. It’s not your time. Nobody like you has done this before. Oh, I think you’d be great, but I don’t think everybody else is ready. And I didn’t listen. And of course we won. But the more important point that I’m making here is you didn’t listen. The people didn’t listen."

She added, "We cannot wait for other people to give us permission, to tell us what is possible."

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