The 9 rare McDonald’s Monopoly stickers to look out for – and what you could win revealed
14th September 2021

MCDONALD'S Monopoly is well under-way with thousands of prizes on the line.

Across the UK, fans of the fast chain are collecting stickers to win prizes as varied as a free Big Mac to a holiday.

However, not all prizes are created equal – and neither are all stickers.

The game also has nine secret stickers, including a number of famous London locations – such as Mayfair and Bond Street.

These stickers have particularly big prizes, including a £100,000 cash giveaway, and a trip to Ibiza.

What are the nine rare McDonald's Monopoly pieces?

The nine stickers correspond to different areas of London:

  • Dark blue: Mayfair – £100,000 cash (four available)
  • Green: Bond Street – Ibiza villa or UK getaway (30 available)
  • Red: Strand – Lay-Z-Spa hot tub (175 available)
  • Yellow: Coventry Street – £1,000 to spend on home entertainment with ao (100 available)
  • Train stations: Liverpool St Station – phone of your choice with a one-year Sky Mobile contract (750 available)
  • Orange: Marlborough Street – £599 shopping spree with Missguided (700 available)
  • Pink: Northumberland Avenue – relaxing or adventurous experience with Buyagift (5,800 available)
  • Light blue: Euston Road – £100 JD Sports voucher (1,500 available)
  • Brown: Old Kent Road – free McDonald’s medium Extra Value Meal or Big Flavour Wraps meal (2,000,000 available)

What is the best time of day to play McDonald's Monopoly?

Users play McDonald's Monopoly by entering the code written on stickers into the chain's app.

However, it turns out that prizes aren't determined by what the code on your sticker is but what time you enter the competition.

Maccies has allocated specific prizes to "winning moments" throughout the day, that are so exact the you'll have to enter the code right down to the correct TENTH of a second.

No one knows when these moments are or how long they last but it means you're in with a chance of winning whatever code you peel off the McDonald's packaging.

This could mean that your chances are higher if you enter at a time when less people are playing – such as the early morning or late evening – as you will have less competition.

Why have my stickers already expired?

McDonald's Monopoly was originally meant to be played earlier in 2021, but was delayed by the pandemic.

Rather than reprint the stickers from then, McDonald's decided to reuse them, with the understanding that new dates apply.

There are also new expiry dates on when prizes can be collected:

  • Collect to win non food prizes: old date June 4, 2021, new date November 11, 2021
  • Collect to win food prizes: old date May 18, 2021, new date October 19, 2021
  • Instant win non-food prize or discount: old date June 4, 2021, new date November 5, 2021
  • Instant win food or Just Eat vouchers: old date May 18, 2021, new date October 19, 2021
  • Instant win discount voucher (excluding Just Eat) old date, August 31, 2021 or earlier, new date January 31, 2022
  • Online game: old date May, 5, 2021, new date October 15, 2021

How long is McDonald's Monopoly on for?

McDonald Monopoly has been running since Wednesday, August 25.

It will continue until 11.59pm on October 2 of this year.

Which McDonald's menu items have the most stickers on them?

The following items at McDonald’s have three stickers on them:

  • Chicken and Bacon Salad
  • Chicken Salad, Chicken Selects
  • Chicken BBQ Smokehouse
  • Big Tasty, Chicken Legend
  • Any Big Flavour Wrap
  • Medium or Large Soft Drink
  • Any Item From the McCafe Iced Range.

We have broken down the cheapest way to maximise the number of stickers you collect.

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