‘Survivor’ Finale Live Blog: Who Will Win The $1 Million & Be Named Sole Survivor?
20th December 2018

Six are left on the Dec. 19 finale of ‘Survivor: David vs. Goliath,’ but only one can win. Will it be Kara, Angelina, Davie, Nick, Mike or Alison? Follow along with our live blog of the episode right here!

Angelina Keeley, Nick Wilson, Mike White, Alison Raybould, Kara Kay and Davie Rickenbacker are the six contestants competing to win Survivor: David vs. Goliath finale. The search is on for hidden immunity idols after Nick and Davie played theirs at the last tribal, and all the players are on the hunt for one. It’s Angelina who finds the clue first, which lets her know she has to dig up a ladder to obtain the idol on top of a rock. Obviously, this makes things much trickier than usual…especially since Angelina wants to find the idol without anyone noticing. She’s unable to do so on her first attempt.

The next challenge is for immunity and reward. The players have to first get through a series of obstacle, then build a staircase puzzle, one piece at a time. Finally, there’s a 63-piece puzzle to finish at the top of the staircase. Nick pulls out the immunity win, guaranteeing himself a spot in the final five. He gets to choose two people to eat with him at the reward, and opts for Angelina and Mike. The trio were on the same tribe during the swap earlier in the game, which worries the other three players quite a bit. They might have reason to worry, too: Angelina calls for a final three alliance with herself, Nick and Mike.

The reward challenge happens to take place at the well, which is where the idol is hidden, so she decides to tell Nick and Mike about the clue to get their help. With some major help from Mike, Angelina finds the idol. Meanwhile, Alison knows she’s on the chopping block, and pulls Angelina aside to beg for her chance to stay. It’s no secret that Angelina and Nick want Alison out, but Mike isn’t exactly on-board, even though he promised to vote with them. Instead, Mike wants to target Davie, and Kara agrees. Now, Angelina finds herself in the middle with a big decision to make!

Shockingly, she decides to go with Mike, and Davie is voted out, with only Davie and Nick voting for Alison. When Davie leaves, he makes one final statement to the remaining five players: He’s going to vote for whoever orchestrated this big move, unless someone else comes forward and does something bigger in the remaining days. Mike points out that he was the one who orchestrated it, as he did the last two vote offs for Christian Hubicki and Gabby Pascuzzi.

Obviously, Nick is pissed that he was blindsided, and no longer believes he can trust Mike. Angelina tries to calm him down, but he’s still convinced he’s on the chopping block. At the immunity challenge, the players have to fill a chute up with water on a shaky perch in the middle of the ocean, receive their puzzle pieces, and build the puzzle on land. Nick wins the challenge in a landslide victory when he needed it the most, and is guaranteed a spot in final four.

Angelina is back to targeting Alison, but she also wants to use her hidden immunity idol to make a statement to the jury and cause fireworks at tribal council. So, she conceives a plan for Mike to convince Alison and Kara to vote for her, so she can play the idol and stand out in front of the jury. Mike doesn’t want to lie to Kara, though, so he lets her know the plan.

However, Kara knows that Mike is a huge threat, and teams up with Alison to flip the script to vote Mike out instead. Alison brings the plan to Nick, and the vote falls in his and Kara’s hands. However, Angelina is still ready to make a dramatic move, so she crafts a fake idol, which Alison finds. Alison knows the idol is probably fake, but she plays it at tribal just in case. Of course, it doesn’t count. Then, since it’s the last time for Angelina to use her real idol, she plays it for herself. In the end, Angelina gets her way, and Alison is unanimously voted out.

The final immunity challenge is one we’ve seen on Survivor before: The players have to follow a ball through a maze and catch it before it hits the ground. As the challenge progresses, they add more balls to the mix. Angelina is out first, followed by Mike. Nick wins his THIRD challenge in a row, which means he gets to choose which of the other three players will automatically go to final tribal with him. The other two contestants will then fight it out in a fire making competition for that final spot.

Before tribal, Angelina, Mike and Kara all give their pitches to Nick about why they should go to the final three. Nick flat-out lets them know that he thinks he has the best chance at beating Angelina, so he warns Kara and Mike that they’re going to have to make fire, giving them some time to practice beforehand. Mike beats Kara in the fire-making challenge, which means Nick, Mike and Angelina are in the final three.

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