Surprise! Carrot Cake Oreos Make Early Debut
5th January 2019

New year, new Oreo! Though Carrot Cake Oreos were rumored to be making their grand debut this spring, Oreo maker Nabisco surprised consumers by dropping the confection-related sweet treats earlier than expected.

In fact, according to several social media posts, the latest Oreo variety has already been spotted on shelves at multiple Target and Walmart locations across the country.

According to the packaging, the new cookies, which are the latest permanent addition to an already-packed Oreo lineup, are in a league of their own because both the cookie itself and creme filling boast their own distinct flavors. The cookie base is meant to taste like actual carrot cake, while the creme center, which tastes like cream cheese frosting, is meant to double as the icing.

Instagram user @phatphood noted the new cookies are reminiscent of Gingerbread Oreos, “but with a creamier and softer creme center with a nice hint of cream cheese.” Added another user, @mnmtwinz, on the photo sharing app: “These are absolutely spot on! Especially when it’s softened in milk, that’s when it really tastes and feels like a moist carrot cake!”

Still, while many social media users were happily surprised by the earlier-than-anticipated arrival of Carrot Cake Oreos, not everyone was on board with the flavor, especially since Nabisco seems to be averaging at least one new Oreo cookie variety a month. “Stop messing with perfection – leave the Oreo alone,” wrote one peeved person.

Take a look at some additional reactions below:

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