Steve Harvey on Lori Harvey's Relationship With Michael B. Jordan: 'You Ain't the Sexiest Man in the World to Me'
25th January 2021

Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey are still going strong after unveiling their relationship to the public. Their family and friends are said to approve of it all, even Harvey’s father, Steve, who jokingly threw some shade at Jordan as well.

Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey confirmed their relationship this month

Jordan and Harvey surprised fans when they confirmed their relationship. As one of the most high-profile actors in Hollywood, Jordan had previously never publicly been in a relationship since his ascent to fame. Still, he had been rumored to be romantically linked with women such as Catherine Paiz, Kiki Layne, Cindi Bruna, and Megan Thee Stallion.

Harvey, however, had several relationships in the public eye. She was previously engaged to Dutch soccer pro Memphis Depay and has allegedly dated musicians Future, Trey Songz and Diddy in the past. She is said to have taken a different approach to this relationship, with a source stating, “In the past, she quickly posted social media pictures with guys that she was dating. With Michael, she has tried a different approach.” The source also said that Harvey and Jordan “spent all the major holidays together in November and December” and “Lori seems very happy.”

More insight into the relationship between Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey

Entertainment Tonight is reporting that their sources are saying that everything is great between the couple, including what their loved ones think about the relationship.

“Michael B. Jordan’s family likes Lori, and vice versa,” a source told the publication. “Lori is everything Michael’s family could have hoped for him to find. She’s lovely, respectful and fits in perfectly.”

Those who are close to Harvey feel the same way about the relationship. “Her friends also think he’s great for her. Everyone around them approves of their relationship,” the sourced added. “Things have gotten serious fast, but there have been no red flags. They’re both totally invested, committed and very happy.”

What does Steve Harvey think of Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey’s relationship?

He said that he says to all of his children’s prospective partners that he saves up a portion of energy to dislike them in case something goes wrong.

“I might like you, I might approve of you, but I got a thumb-size section of my heart filled with nothing but pure hatred for your a**. Just in case I need it,’” he explained. “Like right now? Nice guy…But I got this little section partner, where all I gotta do is click a switch and I can hate your a**. ‘Cause, you ain’t the sexiest man in the world to me! Let’s be clear about that.”

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