Sophie Wessex message hints she is ‘peace-keeper-in-chief’ among ‘battling royals’
7th October 2020

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 55, is a much-trusted working remember of the Royal Family and said to be among the Queen’s favourites. In recent year’s Prince Edward’s wife has been trusted to represent the Queen at a wide range of engagements including vital trips abroad.

Former PR boss Sophie exhibited her skills in diplomacy during a recent royal engagement.

On Tuesday, the Countess took part in a virtual call with an organisation called Wilton Park that “convenes discreet dialogue on the world’s vital issues.”

During the meeting, Sophie discussed how women can help with peacemaking in the Arab world.

The Royal Family’s official Twitter account plugged the engagement as well as sharing a powerful quote from Sophie.

The tweet read: “The Countess of Wessex joined a virtual @WiltonPark conference today on the vital role women play in the prevention and resolution of conflicts, peace negotiations and peacebuilding in the Arab world.”

“’There are many absolutely incredible women working from the grassroots up, whose life experiences, as well as their capabilities, more than qualify them for a voice at the table.

“‘Many are unheard heroines that keep peace within and across communities.’ – The Countess of Wessex.”

Language analyst and author Judi James examined Sophie’s quote for and shared some fascinating insights.

According to the analyst the quote marks Sophie out as “empathetic” and “capable.”

Judi told “There are three facets of Sophie here in this very brief but inspirational quote.

“There are hints of her previous experience in PR from the use of the clichés ‘grassroots up’ and ‘a voice at the table’, which could have given it a slick tone, but Sophie also shows her empathetic side by personalising her words, adding ‘absolutely’ before the word ‘incredible’ to make it pop even more and to emphasise her own admiration for and experience of the women she is talking about.”

Judi added: “Sophie also emphasises her role as a long-term campaigner for women’s’ rights by using the term ‘unheard heroines’ to give a hint of her own knowledge of these ‘heroines’ and her support for them.”

According to Judi, Sophie is keen not to make the quote about herself.

The analyst said: “Sophie hasn’t made this quote about herself but it’s hard to avoid spotting the empathy here.”

Judi claimed Sophie has settled into her role as a working royal and proven herself to be an invaluable member of the Firm.

The expert said: “After some mistakes in the earlier years of her marriage, Sophie appears to have kept her head down as a royal and quietly got on with both her job and her marriage in a way that the other top-rank members of the firm have struggled with.”

“These ‘capabilities’ have resulted in Sophie’s recent rise through the ranks as peace-keeper-in-chief, a kind of calm, experienced royal presence who can be trusted to do the job competently and to help guide and even placate some of the battling royals around her.”

Judi claimed Sophie’s “understated style” makes her “very accessible” and effective at her work.

She added: “Her simple, understated styling and surroundings here are very much part of that ‘brand Sophie.’

“She delivers this message with an inspirational eye expression and experienced-looking puckered smile, sitting framed by neutral colours but straight bang in front of a frosted glass door to suggest she’s still very accessible and on call for any problems inside her own household.”

Following Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s exit from the Royal Family, Sophie and Edward are more vital to the monarchy than ever before.

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