Sophie, Countess of Wessex’s ‘protective’ parenting gives her children ‘reassurance’
5th March 2021

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 56, and Prince Edward, also 56, started dating in 1993 and announced their engagement four years later, marrying the same year. They are both working members of the Royal Family and will often attend events together as well as separately.

The couple have two children together, Lady Louise Windsor, 17, and James, Viscount Severn, 13.

The royal children’s lives are kept private, although will occasionally appear with their parents.

The family were last all seen out together back in September when they took part in the Great Beach Clean on Southsea beach.

Body language expert Judi James explained what Sophie’s body language shows when she is around her children. 

She told “Sophie’s body language with her children has always suggested a very proud and subtly protective approach from a mother keen to grow their confidence by setting her own strong example. 

“Sophie always looks energetic and jolly in a family group, often walking slightly ahead with an air of upbeat determination that should make her a role model for both her husband and her children. 

“There are no signs of any fussing or anxiety and although she would be more tactile when they were younger, as the children have grown bigger she seems keen to allow them to be treated more as adults, joining in any fun like one of them.”

Analysing their body language during the Great Beach Clean where the family can be all seen picking up rubbish, Judi explained that the Countess is eager to show the children that appearances from Royal Family members aren’t always formal.

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The expert added: “Sophie shows what looks like a desire to prove to her children that royal appearances don’t all have to be solemn or formal.”

For the occasion, the family all wore jeans as well as the Countess opting for a casual top.

Judi continued: “Picking up rubbish on the beach here allowed the family to appear as equals with a common objective and to show their casual side. 

“By joining in like one of the team rather than a Countess, Sophie introduced her love of more down-to-earth causes and behaviours that make her come across as one of the more accessible royals.”

Sophie has always shown affection towards her children in public, something that would have been frowned upon in the Royal Family.

However the likes of William and Kate have also opted towards showing their royal children affection in public.

Back in 2013, the Countess can be seen holding Lady Louise’s hand in public while attending the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

The body language expert shared how this gesture can be seen as a sign of reassurance. 

She said: “Even holding her daughter’s hand here in a gesture of caring reassurance, Sophie steps out with confidence and enthusiasm, sporting a wide grin. 

“She seems to have been teaching her children the more positive side of royal life, making it look like fun rather than a chore or a duty.”

Another occasion where the family were seen as a four was on Christmas Day back in 2019.

They attended the church service at  Church of St Mary Magdalene on the Sandringham estate along with other members of the Royal Family.

According to Judi, Sophie and her daughter show signs of mirroring one another. 

The expert commented: “Mother and daughter wear very mirrored body language here and the emphasis here seems to be on making both Sophie’s husband and son look more confident as they walk between them. 

“Like many mothers, Sophie seems to be the one doing the smiling for the whole family but her congruent-looking smile would provide genuine reassurance for her children here.”

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